IoT Solutions That Connects Travelers to Airports


Oct. 16

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Imagine the world where you could remotely control your home appliances and switch it on or off. A place where you can control water pumps of your farm from far away distance. In the land where your devices automatically receive instructions and notifications when you enter the Beacon zone. Now with the help of IoT Solutions, you can get the glimpse of our future world.

An Internet of Things, as the name imply is the technology that influences object interoperability. All the objects in the network play the role of either transmitter or the receiver of the energy signals. In the nutshell, IoT converges multiple technologies including wireless communication, real-time analytics and embedded systems for wireless transmission.

The IoT system uses cloud-based applications to interpret and transmit the data coming from the connected devices. By doing so, the cloud enables the apps to work for you anytime, anywhere. So next time when you go shopping in a shopping mall under IoT influence, keep Bluetooth in your smartphone switched on. So when you step near the product of your liking, you can get notification on the product details and all the feature that it offers.

Role of Beacon in the IoT Solutions Framework

A Beacon could be thought of as an IoT device for transmission. It generates a Universally unique identifier (UUID) for every within-range compatible device. In order to allow transmission you need to keep Bluetooth of your smartphone turned on. Next thing the Beacon does is, it emits out signals which are grabbed by the apps/OS of the compatible devices and links are formed.

After establishing the link, the Beacon uses the collected information to carry out several tasks. Like tracking the physical location of the mobile user, triggering a specific action, configure a device to use them as – remote switch or to send personal notifications.

Other important constituents of IoT

It’s not just Beacons/Sensors, the airport also uses devices like wearables, virtual reality services and artificial intelligence to assist passengers. By implementing cutting-edge technologies like AI or the VR, airports are accurately able to measure passenger traffic on a real-time basis. In the same manner, specific apps like location aware apps help passengers to get directions and locate their way within the airport.

By unleashing the potential of Physical Web, IoT banks on the power of the web to pair objects and establish a link for data transfer. Just walk up to smart devices or specific zones like vending machine parking lot or bus station and pair your device for remote  accessing.

IoT Solutions influencing airport connectivity

Now with the help of your smartphones, you can electronically check-in at the airport and avoid long queues at the check-in counter. As soon as you progress towards the gate, you can use your smartphone to locate your plane and the seating.

For the airport management, Beacon-generated data analytics provide insights into traveler/staff activities and engagements in various public spots. The IoT sensors are placed at strategic locations to enable tracking of your baggage.

According to a study, nearly a third of all airports are already taking advantage of the Internet of Things. Often the sensors are placed in key locations of the airport to transpire information. Over the next three years, this number is expected to climb by 43%. In security checkpoints and baggage drop area maximum number of sensors are deployed for tracking. Whereas for areas like retail stores and areas surrounding boarding gates, only handful of sensors enable tracking.


It may take some time for IoT to completely spread its wings in industries and organizations.  Apparently many organizations nowadays are slowly switching towards  adopting  Internet of Things to revolutionize their enterprises. At this speed, soon you will see some of the enterprises completely controlled by Internet of Things.

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