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Aug. 17

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A consistent challenge for owners and managers of multistory buildings, schools, or building complexes is to keep the operational expenses low. The infrastructure available for managing building energy is designed for massive systems and not for managers with less budgets. This results in high costs of adoption and integration. IoT based solutions can help in such scenarios to collect, analyze, and control data from a multitude of systems, including HVAC, power, and lighting.

Implementing Smart Buildings for Greener Planet

With multiple thermostats and sensors producing data, manually collecting the information and compiling it in spreadsheets become an overwhelming tasks. Creating an extensible, connected platform capable of integrating with building sensors would be effective.

Sensors send the data from equipment such as air conditioners and lighting, and also on the flow of building occupants to the cloud to further analyze. Respective actions associated with the sensors are then triggered. For eg, when rooms are not in use, choosing the right time to turn down the thermostat to prevent waste. This will reduce building management costs – both in utilities and in staff.

Smart Building Scenarios

Numerous building systems, currently lack the connectivity and interoperability to work in unison. There were no means of process automation for efficient energy consumption. How about the thermostats that intuitively adjust the temperature, humidity, and light based on residents’ preferences and climatic conditions? This is now possible with IoT based solutions.

With a solution for home automation, IoT is changing the way buildings will be automated to save energy. Building automation is currently undergoing an pioneering transformation, encouraging the owners and tenants to rethink the possibilities of building management.

A recent McKinsey report on IoT estimates that connectivity can reduce energy in buildings by 20 percent and can lead to a nearly 20 percent increase in productivity.

IoT based solutions improve building visibility and manageability, giving facilities management firms the tools they need to reduce operational costs and provide the best experiences for tenants. This automated solution ensure the best-in-class climate control, energy savings, and maintenance.

Smart schools

The survey of more than 600 IT leaders from Extreme Networks, recorded that the scope of smart schools extends beyond traditional interactive classroom technologies.

The adoption of  wearables, sensors located throughout classrooms, eBooks and tablets, collaborative classrooms, and smart lighting and HVAC has transformed the schools to become smarter and serve smart education to the students.

Smart Offices

Smart offices offer the automated heating and cooling systems, lighting, elevators and security are connected by a centralized management solution. This results in potential increase in ROI, more efficient employees, and improved environmental impacts.

Smart factories

Manufacturing industry relies on precision control of equipment and their production environment. With IoT based solutions, the identification of a problem becomes easier giving a fair turn around time to solve and schedule the maintenance.

A recent survey from PwC on IoT in manufacturing found that 35 percent of firms have implemented smart sensors to collect detailed operational data.

5 companies inculcating IoT solutions for smart buildings


Honeywell’s IoT based solution already caters about 10 million smart buildings worldwide. Honeywell implement IoT based solution at  that lets building occupants report issues with heating or cooling. People become “sensors” alongside digital counterparts such as sensor.


IBM is implementing its Watson artificial intelligence and data analysis software behind its projects that make buildings smarter.

ISS, a facilities management company that will use Watson in more than 25,000 buildings to assess readings from sensors on windows, doors, chairs, food dispensers, air conditioning systems and so on.


Legrand, a French-based electrical component manufacturer, sees its technology as the glue tying together automation technologies from the likes of Samsung and Cisco. It launched its IoT initiative, ‘ELIOT’, in November 2016.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is considered to be energy management specialist. It introduced smart building product line called EcoStruxure in late November 2016.


In 2016, this German conglomerate announced separate partnerships with IBM and consulting firm Capgemini to build even more credibility. The pact with IBM accords on creating a cloud service to help corporate real estate managers gain access to energy efficiency metrics for their facility portfolios.

IoT solutions For Smart Buildings?

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