iOS10 Launch – A Boon For Startups And SMEs


Oct. 16

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With every new release of iOS, Apple consistently raises the bar in keeping up with customer’s expectation. Every time we are close to a launch event, individual iPhone users are quite eager to get their iPhones upgraded. Apple has almost every time strived to offer all round solution that benefits both-general and enterprise users.

Apple Inc. announced that, within 24 hours of availability, over four million pre-orders of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were made, exceeding the supply available. More than ten million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices were sold in first three days of launch.

Let’s try to jot down the features you would ideally want from your iPhone as an enterprising user. The first thing you would want is to have your OS updated and upgraded to stay in sync with the business process that integrates SMBs.

Soon after Apple released its first public version of iOS10 in Sep, 2016 it has been installed on 54% of iOS devices. In iOS10, users are gifted with auto up-gradation.

Improved Privacy & Security to Prevent Leak Out & Misuse with iOS

Second and most important feature in the lineup is privacy and security feature that authenticates user at App as well as at the device level. Several authentication mechanisms are into practice to enable smart device sensing capabilities. Every individual iPhone users are identified on the basis of smart behavioral analysis and trustability.

Current release of iOS10 also features better encryption techniques. This helps business the users to keep business information confidential from hackers and intruders. Also, the privacy features in iOS10 now requires your permission if an app needs your location information or personal data. Some iPhone browsers also support private browsing, block cookies malware viruses and prevent user tracking.

Furnishing Collaborative Platform for Better Productivity

With this latest release, Apple also enables all iPhone users to collaborate with networking giants like CISCO and Apple itself. The prime reason behind this move is to invite suggestions and innovations from tech-enthusiasts and IT Companies.

The tie-up also helps iOS system developers to get a rapid response through a collaborative environment. This leads to faster bug reporting and fast input from user acceptance testers.

Enhanced Support for Voice Mail Translation

While Siri accepts voice command from users, voice mail translation converts client’s voice mail into text. Users could quickly scan through the translated text mail and jot down fine points. This feature lets the user view the mail content at a glance and prioritize their time accordingly.

Vehicle Connectivity & GPS Based Parking Assistance

iOS10 also easily integrates with four wheelers to let the busy users take up urgent calls while driving. Carplay makes it possible to safely and easily use iPhone to make calls, send/receive messages and get directions while the user concentrates on driving. Frequent Mobile functions are displayed on a built-in display of the vehicle to allow user control them with voice, touch or the knobs and controls of the car.

Now through GPS iOS10 remembers remote parking spots automatically. By fetching the exact latitude and longitude the smartphone will remember car’s location when the driver stops in place other than home. We have implemented vehicle connectivity solution in our Bikeshield app. Our team at LetsNurture has also implemented smart parking solution for one of our prestigious client

All in all, iOS10 offer several additional benefits to business users. As the collaborative environment has made development faster, every subsequent release of iOS is expected to be better and faster.

Our team at LetsNurture are well equipped to provide iOS and Android solutions for startups and enterprises. Our new venture KarConnect comes with apps and devices that will provide you driving assistance, predictive analysis and smart parking. Connect us for any inquiry at


Ketan Raval
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