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The field of Information Technology is always on the lookout for well-informed as well as creative professionals who can explore new technologies and find better solutions. Unfortunately, most of the amateur professionals employed in the IT sector of India are unaware about the ongoings of the domain and are not updated enough. There has always been a rising need amongst the budding developers and designers to find a substantial resource to be able to carve a niche in their respective areas.


Although Lets Nurture is a renowned IT firm boasting of the most experienced team members, we have always believed that hands-on project experiences play a major role in the training of amateur professionals. Our mission has always been to create better employment opportunities in India. And that is exactly why we hire trainees or students having the right potential for our internship programs. The interns working with our company contribute to our output in several ways and learn during the process. And mind you, they do not replace our staff members. They work under the constant guidance of their seniors and nurture their skills.


Here’s a brief to what each of the interns in different teams are learning, the projects they are working upon and the experiences they encounter while working with us.


Designer Interns: Carving Imaginations Passionately

Designer Internship Programs, LetsNurture Company

The interns working with the design teams of Lets Nurture are Yash, Ronak and Jignesh. While expressing the delight of working with Lets Nurture, Ronak, one of the trainees, said “Before I joined Lets Nurture as a trainee, I knew that I always wanted to be a web and application designer. However, I was not sure if anyone would help me get an incline of what are the job roles involved and how I can develop myself as a professional.” He further said that “My mentor Dhaval, taught me functionalities like sizing designs that are compatible with the devices, understanding the application flow as well as other ins and outs of designing in more ways than I can imagine.”


Yash, is another designing intern who works on an in-house application named Quotable Quotes. The Android application consists of a library having numerous inspiring quotes and thoughts. The creation of this app asked for the noesis of 3D transition and creating sliding panels with Rolodex type flipping effect. It also asked for a careful application of colours according to different category of quotes. With the help of his mentor, Yash has successfully accomplished the design of the app. His work also includes crafting poster designs forMy Waw‘, – An e-store, which is the production of a popular digital marketing company named ‘Adventure Unlimited’. “I am also designing the features for ‘Chat Up App’ which asks for a different design as compared to the chat app designs that exist today.”said Yash.


Jignesh is another newbie designer who mostly designs banners for Lets Nurture using creative hues. He is also working on designing of ‘Vaccination Forum App’ which is a great tool for the parents and doctors to communicate with each other.  The design of the app was crafted by keeping the Lollipop version of Android in mind and it has an amazing floating and transition effect.


Apart from the above apps, the designer interns are also working on an app named ‘We Doo’, which a perfect wedding memorabilia app offering a plethora of functions for the couple getting married and their relatives.


“The IT firms of today hire web designers just for designing the pages  according to client requirements. But at Lets Nurture, we always lay stress on being more creative and adaptable to the changing trends. We love experimenting with colours and designs and thankfully, the interns are always keen to learn new concepts.” said Dhaval, the mentor and the trainer of the designing team.


Android App Trainees: Creating Unparalleled Concepts

Android App Trainees, Android Trainees, Trainees of Letsnurture company

“Ideas are for free.” they say. And at Lets Nurture, nothing is recreated. Every app is unique in its own way. Whether our developers make in-house apps or for the outbound clients, you will never find any feature that is similar to the apps that are already available on the Google Play Store. Right from the stage of coming up with an idea to turning it into an app, everything is one of a kind. And that is what makes the app development process unique, full of challenges and fun for the interns! The android interns at Lets Nurture include new-fangled developers like Nilesh, Pranay, Darshan and Piyush.


Vaccination Forum App

Nilesh is working on the Doctor side module of the ‘Vaccination Forum App’. It is an enhanced version of Lets Nurture’s first venture, ‘Vaccination Reminder’. Apart from the vaccination alarms, the new app has features through which the parents of the infants can connect with the doctors to ask questions that are troubling them. Darshan, one of Nilesh’s co-trainees is working on the Parent side module of this app. The parent module has been created to connect the parents of the infants with each other and help them get over the anxieties of  their toddler’s health.


Save On Med

Pranay is helping with the development of another medicinal app named ‘Save on Med’ which is a perfect application designed for medical emergencies. If the person is out and there is a medical condition which needs to be dealt with, the app provides the list of the right medicines and the maps of hospitals which are in the vicinity. “I always wanted to learn Android technology from the scratch. The database integration of this App was a bit difficult for me. But thanks to my mentor, I have accomplished its initial integration and have also created the prototype with the navigation.” said Pranay.


Smart Church

Piyush, one more trainee on the board, loves to take up challenges. He is working on an app named ‘Smart Church’: An app that connects the Christian communities and the church authorities. It also gives an access to Bibles as well as the audio and video of the sermons narrated by the priests of the church. “While working with Pratik, my mentor, I got to learn how to get data from Web API and work on the different layouts of design. I also had the experience of figuring out the project flow and learn the coding standards applicable to each of them” said Piyush with a smile.


Pratik, the pillar of strength at Lets Nurture’s Android department and the person behind the nurturance of the trainees, said that “Our interns believe in making versatile android apps and they take care of the fact that the apps  are user engaging and have ample number of options.”


PHP trainees: Crafting Websites That Lure

PHP trainees, web development trainees, Freshers

It goes without saying that PHP is one of the most widely implemented website development frameworks. By employing PHP, it is possible to create dynamic  web pages which can leave a long lasting impression on your customers.  And  the first impression is indeed, the last one! The team of Lets Nurture’s PHP trainees include Vyomesh, Bindra, Ashish, Ketav and Purvesh. It is mentored by Kalpesh, Ankit and Nital, the crackerjacks of PHP frameworks. Kalpesh has been working as a PHP developer at Lets Nurture since the days of its establishment and the trainees are quite lucky to get mentored by him. Here’s a brief on what each of the PHP interns are doing:

Ashish is working on the web services domain of an E-commerce website named ‘I have I need’ through which the users can connect with the sellers, post advertisements with product photographs, share the price and email their requirements. It asks for the knowledge of JSON, also known as Java Script Object Notation, which is a data-interchange format enabling the integration communication between the mobile and application. “I also got to learn how to work on the MVC (Model View Controller) software from my mentors and it helped me to systematize the internal information modules and present them in a correct way.” Ketav is working on the Admin Panel and Front End part of the ‘I have I need’ application.


I Have I Need

Vyomesh, another enthusiastic PHP intern on the board, got to learn the nuances of Core PHP frameworks while working on the web services of ‘I have I need’. While sharing his experience of working as an intern, he said that “Before I joined Lets Nurture, I hardly knew anything about the working of the real corporate world. I often used to wonder how is it possible to work on two projects simultaneously and render high-quality. But after working with my mentor Nital, I have learnt to cope with the challenges and achieve success with whatever I do.”


Gujarat Guide

Bindra, works on the website services of Vaccination Forum, the app, which is being made by the Android department. Being a part of PHP team has made her learn all the facets of advanced PHP, JQuery and Ajax. Purvesh, from what we hear, is a superhero who is always ready to face challenges when it comes to work. He is working on the Tours and Travels website named ‘Gujarat Guide’. “I am learning Laravel, which is an open source PHP application framework for web craftsmen.”said Purvesh while expressing his delight. Punit has recently joined us as a PHP trainee and is working with all his enthusiasm.


Ankit, the mentor on PHP board was of the opinion that “One of the most striking aspects about the trainees at Lets Nurture is that, they learn numerous technologies and frameworks on their own. We are extremely proud to have such a brilliant team of interns who not only understand and work on whatever is taught to them, but also implement things that were never expected out of them.”


iOS Interns: Building full-featured iOS Apps

iOS trainees, letsnurture company, iOS trainees work

Creating apps on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch definitely asks for an expertise. Moreover, the app has to be approved by the Apple authorities to go up on the iTunes Store. As most of the amateurs do not have the knowledge of iOS programing, it becomes difficult for them to build their own apps. This is where Lets Nurture lends a hand. The iOS team is led by Bhushan, Kirit and Kamlesh and they always see to it that the difficulties of their interns are dealt with.


As Lets Nurture is making iOS version of the Smart Church App, Ajay is working on creating the Auto layouts for the same. “When I joined Lets Nurture, I knew the basics of Objective C and iOS. But thanks to the sessions conducted over the weekends by my mentors Chitra and Bhushan, I got to learn how to make chatting modules and other features in the app ” He further added that “The trait that I love the most about my mentors is that they never spoon feed us. Infact, they encourage us to take up extensive research to create robust and creative applications.”


Alpesh has recently joined as an intern and he is working on the demo projects of the company. Meanwhile, he is also learning database management, developing slider menu, creating map views and more.


And last, but not the least in the team is Karan, who is working on our in-house app named ‘U&I’. “I had used the Android version of U&I and I think it is the one of the best applications that keeps the partners connected. Little did I know that I will have the privilege to work on the iOS version of the same application!” Karan is currently developing the ‘Chat’, ‘Find Partner’, ‘Galleries’ and other modules of the U&I app.


The mentor of the iOS team, Bhushan, winded up by saying that “As the iOS industry keeps evolving with the launch of every new device,  it’s important for us to  teach the aspects like auto resizing and auto layouts. I am very glad and proud that our current team of interns is quite keen to learn and is independent.”



SEO Interns: Rendering High Search Engine Rankings

SEO Trainees, Trainees, SEO, Digital Marketing

A website can definitely look glamorous with the right designs and content. But it’s useless if it doesn’t attract the targeted audience. For the businesses to rank high, ‘Search Engine Optimization‘ has become the most important mantra. The SEO experts at Lets Nurture teach all the aspects needed to get understood by Google. Pradeep and Abhishek are the SEO interns and they are being mentored by Viral, Rajal and Yashpal.


“We provide training for the on-page and off-page optimization as well as the ins and outs of online marketing to the trainees by using the best of tools like  SEOmoz and Magestic SEO” said Viral, the SEO team leader.He further added that “We are also planning to start training for e-commerce marketing next month and are already receiving inquiries from the potential SEO professionals for the same.”


Pradeep, one of the trainees, works on Off Page Marketing which includes activities like article posting, directory submissions, social bookmarking and more. “I am glad that I got the opportunity to learn several dimensions of on-page and off-page optimization from my mentor Rajal.” said Abhishek.


Last but not the least is the mentor of all team leads, Utpal who supervises the tasks of interns and their respective team members so that they can work at the best of their abilities. Web designing, web development, application development and more, the interns at Lets Nurture progress with every project, step by step and make headway through the challenges. Needless to say, they emerge as out and out winners in their respective domains.


If you too, are keen to join any of the teams, get in touch with us on Get nurtured now!

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