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Oct. 15

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An average count says that Google Play offers almost 1.5 million apps and Apple’s iTunes offers almost 1.4 million apps. Your app is competing with these many apps; some users may find your app on the store, and some may find it on the web. But if users don’t end up downloading your app then it’s useless not matter how awesome the app may be with best design and features. Your app must have an appealing way to tell users to “download it”. The way to achieve this is a well crafted Call-To-Action (CTA).

A CTA is an most important element of your app website. Without a clear CTA that invites users to actually download the app, all other elements – icon, screenshots, video are useless.

Tips for effective CTA:

A CTA button should be the first that users see when they come at your page so they can know where to click when they want to download your app. If the app is not available yet, provide a feature to notify the user via email when the app get launched.

Always use the official mobile app store badges provided by most of the app stores. They serve the exact thing a user wants. Make sure to always use the latest version of official mobile app store badge.

Besides this it is also important to create personalized CTA for branding. Here are few tips for an effective CTA which encourages the user to download the app:

  • CTA should have actionable words like,
    • See it Action.
    • Start Playing.
    • Take Trial.
    • Get it now.
  • Place a CTA on top as well as bottom of page so that users who don’t want to go into much detail can download it from top and users who wants to explore more details can download it from bottom.
  • Don’t place the CTA in pop-ups which might come from somewhere, it annoys the user.
  • Create separate CTA for free version and paid version of your app. Any user will always try the free version of app first and if satisfied will go with the paid version of app. Instead of using standard contents like “Free version” and “Pro version”, use different approach like “Try a free version” and “Buy it”.
  • Adding a sense of urgency like “Free version available only for 15 days”, will also attract more users to download the app.
  • Providing some lucrative offer or discount with the CTA is very effective in attracting users to download the app. This feature is found in most of the travel related apps where they offer promotions like “10% off on bus ticket booking” via mobile app etc.
  • Keep it simple. CTA should not have too many words which might be overwhelming and it looses it sense of doing some action.
  • The dimensions of your buttons are very important. You do not want to overwhelm your design with a call to action that is too large. Also, you wouldn’t want it to be too small, as it may get lost in the rest of the content on the page.
  • Using icons and images in CTA is very effective. It will depict the user the pictorial representation of what the app does and attract the user to download it.
  • Use CTA of contrasting color. To highlight the user to take the action of downloading the app, a CTA with colors contrasting from other elements of page is highly effective.
  • Perform an A vs. B testing of CTA, this can help you to determine which words, position,color, font, design etc are getting people to take most action.

Likewise there are few other factors that also helps in increasing your mobile app download along with CTA:

  • Google Click-to-Download AdWords.
  • Facebook Mobile App Install Ads.
  • App Reviews.
  • Social networking & blogs.
  • Email Subscriptions.
  • App indexing.
  • Mobile App Distribution Via SMS.

With the right call to action, you can make or break your marketing strategy. It effectively engages the audience, offers value and generates more leads. Please feel free to contact us in case you have related business requirement, our team will be happy to help you.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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