Increase Online Sales via Customer Behaviour


Apr. 16

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There are multiple ways to observe how customer behaves and I will keep this piece of information in bullets:

  • Google has in page analytics which provides information with map showing which area of your site is most visited and there are more tools which are available which are simple to use and easy to install.
  • Customer Social Media Profiles here plays a great role and that can extract a wealth of information for us to explore and see the behaviour and spending power of the customer also we have can more information Like Birthday, Anniversary, Likes and Dislike which information can be used to target particular products.
  • Google Analytics plays an important role to see from which page the customer has landed and how much effective time they have spent on particular page. And Google is constantly upgrading new features to their analytics and dashboard to have better user experience and user interface.
  • Past Behaviour of Client with Information on what kind of requirements he has which surely depends and that shall be easy to identify properly.
  • Demographics of Customer can tell you average income using their zip code and also get you an idea on how much can a customer spend.
  • Companies should consider customer insight development as crucial to product improvement and differentiation.
  • It is very important to understand on How and Why Customer shops and make their decision across each shopping occasions.
  • Being able to succeed in business requires a superior understanding of customer and not just through marketing strategies.

If you do shopping over the internet there are many tools available which offers range of features which helps in analysing, processing in form of Tables and Graphical Representation. Also provides you with lot of suggestions on what next and where to begin with.

Having using these type of tools can get you more insight and behaviour of the customer on the amount of money he spends, what time purchase has been done, these all can surely be added onto create proper track and history in Creating Customer Profiles. Other areas like how many time he has visited the site, whether he took help of online chat or used email to ask queries and what types of queries to understand in detail the behaviour of customers.

Through the above ideas/tools we can surely decide what type of campaigns can run for the customer profile and in addition real time analysis to identify real customers and who are here to have window shopping and this can lead to proper management of campaign.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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