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Feb. 16

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Twitter has came up with its Advance search, Now you can access Twitter Advance search weather you login or without login. You have rights to perform detailed queries on endless stream of Tweets by employing the Sites Advanced Search.


What is Difference between Search and Advance Search ?

You can search anything using in Twitter Search bar which is normally available on Toolbar. Which will share endless results for your query. Which is normally difficult to find out particular solution and very hectic. But if you want to search anything specific with your query, Twitter provides that solution with it’s Advanced Search. To use Advance Search option either you visit or go to Search – Type your query- Go to More option – Go to Advance Search. To get more specific search result use combination of Advanced Search fields.


How to get specific result using your twitter advanced search:

Using advanced search, you can get specific your search results by using any combination of the different fields which are mentioned below:

Twitter uses different parameter for advanced search query which are mentioned below:



  • From these accounts : Tweets from a specific account Ex. : @hitendra_28
  • To these accounts : Tweets sent as replies to a specific account Ex. : @LetsNurture
  • Mentioning these accounts : Tweets that mention a specific account Ex. : @LetsNurture


  • Near this place : Tweets sent from a geographic location, e.g. a specific city, state, country Ex.: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


  • From this date : Tweets sent before a specific date, after a specific date or within a date range. Search for Tweets from any date since the first public Tweet Ex. : From 1st Jan 2016 To 31st Jan 2016


  • Select Positive, Negative, Question, Include ReTweet : Tweets with Positive, Negative, Question and Include ReTweet


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