How Outsourcing of App Development has changed in 2019?


Aug. 19

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In 2019, if you have a business idea then it’s very likely to involve developing an app. No wonder, as apps outpace your business in many areas, like personalization, speed, potential features and lots more, just to name a few.

With the latest release of new iOS and Android OS, the development of native apps is tightening its grips for forwarding and backward compatibility. The changes also provide opportunities for the clients to upgrade the functionality of their apps and incorporate new features that weren’t previously possible.

For example, Siri is now open to developers, implying that outside apps can activate from Siri’s voice commands. Such new functionality might just be the perfect addition for user engagement with an app.

Rise of the responsive web, progressive web, AMP & Cross-platform

In past years, companies would maintain a desktop website and a separate, smaller, mobile website. This meant that most of the time the mobile site had to be updated separately, it didn’t use the same content, images or even database. A simple update to a phone number had to be done on the desktop site, and then on the mobile site again. To say the least, it’s tedious.

The trends and lessons are important for all of us to better understand what our users are doing and what information we need to share with them.

  • Responsive technology allows content to conform to the user’s page size. It means to have all your content in one place and for users to get a similar experience as they transition from device to device.
  • Progressive technology can use features like cameras, data storage, GPS and motion sensors, and many more. This will pave the way for AR/VR experience, right on the web.
  • Cross-platform technology eschews the complexity of creating a sustainable product that spans multiple platforms and instead focuses on generating a competent design that stays close to the target platform(s).

Saturation of generic app variants on both platforms- iOS & Android

Saturation-It’s when supply is equal or bigger than demand for a product or service.

The combined number of downloads from all the mobile apps stores is projected to reach 285 billion by 2020, according to the recent App Annie report. The developing economies will have a strong role in shoring up the app download and usage levels over the next half of the decade.

Basically, there are lots of apps, probably around thousands, that all do the same thing. There are more than 20 million apps in both Play Store and iTunes, but getting people to download new apps are becoming an increasingly uphill battle. The user tends to uninstall the app quickly if it does not make a lasting first impression.

Shifting in geographical demand from NA to SEA & MEA

The past century has been a revolution for Asia. The nature of the task is changing with the accelerating shift of economic activity and requirements from North America and Europe to markets in Asia. In fact, it’s been a series of rebirths, rises, revivals, and revolutions.

According to the market research report published by Persistent & Strategic (P & S), Asia-Pacific (APAC) marketing automation software market is projected to reach $7 billion by 2023.

The hunger for tech in Asia is ramping up, with software services spending set to rise high. And the major inquiries for developing software solutions are now coming from UAE, Africa, and South East Asia, which themselves are the leading outsourcers for the world.

Auxiliary expertise to enhance existing native apps: Voice SKills, Bots, ML, AR/VR experiences

The technologies that used to change in cycles of 5 years, a decade ago, are now changing every year. One needs to be versatile with the full stack of technologies to survive in the market. AI being everywhere with ML/Deep Learning ranges from the self-driving car to urban farming devices/sensors used for remote monitoring and growing exponentially.

Voice/Visual search and Bots are going to drive more personalized consumer experiences along with AR/VR capabilities. With the advancement of AI, voice recognition software became sophisticated enough to understand most languages and can recognize any accent.

Bots for customer support are in huge demand along with AR/VR to improve user view of the world around, turning imagination into reality.

Why Let’s Nurture?

Let’s Nurture is an ISO 9001:2015 certified IT service provider offering custom web and Mobile App Development services for business of any size. We are confident to be the best in this field. We also have expert IoT developers and Chatbot developers for your business automation.

If you have any doubt regarding your business startup, feel free to talk to our business consultants. Let’s join hands to carve a better tomorrow


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