How IoT Technology is helping heart disease diagnosis?


Jun. 19

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Google reports that there are expected to be more than 64 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2025.

A lot of IoT based solutions have been developed and deployed in various industries. And to a good note, healthcare industry has also been under this magnificent transformation. IoT (Internet of Things) based healthcare solutions can now solve the problem for patients suffering from heart diseases. It provides healthcare service based on the patients’ physical status without taking their feelings into consideration. Recently, the IoT has adopted the healthcare system to collect ECG signals for heart disease diagnosis. The noises which are collected from ECG signals make diagnosis imprecise. However, there have been improvements made where the knowledge base has been created which helps process real ECG signals.

The overall aim is to develop an expert healthcare mobility solution and system using IoT technology so that data can be collected in real-time and transmitted to the cloud for analysis. This will help patients to detect their possible heart diseases before seeing their doctors. Also, it will support physicians to perform treatment for their patients.

IoT is helping in transforming the healthcare providers by facilitating remote patient care, optimizing hospital operations and streamlining data management.

Remote Patient Care Solution

Remote patient care helps doctors with IoT connectivity allowing patients to purchase/ setup remote equipment. This allows doctors to measure biometrics and provide full care to their patients. Face to face services known as telemedicine services are also provided and doctors receive the data. This allows communication with knowledge of the patient’s day to day health status without requiring the patient to walk in.

Smart Hospital Operations Optimization

Hospital operations use IoT in the form of sensors mainly which are placed in the patient wristbands. Staff badges allow tracking of patients flows through different areas of the hospital.

Streamlining Data Management

IoT is making it easy through machine learning and natural language processing. IoT enabled technologies will no longer involve unstructured data but useful and insightful data systems. Heart diagnosis can be achieved at an early stage and accurately. Using smartphones and sensor-based wearable technology allows the user to monitor symptoms. By looking at health conditions like cardiovascular disease it becomes easier to analyze and diagnose.

Platforms such as EHRs, telemedicine, and patient portals are used widely in the digital age. But IoT powered web and mobile apps have made a huge impact in providing personalized healthcare. Some of the most popular healthcare apps include:

  • The healthy heart meal planner
  • ASCD Risk Estimator
  • AliveCor ECG heart monitor

Patients have access to heart rate monitoring and heart attack recognition system using IoT. This is achieved by carrying hardware which has built-in sensors and android application. The heartbeat sensor checks the heartbeat and transmits them over the internet. User sets high and low-level limits themselves and once the limit is set the system monitors the patient’s heartbeat. The final step allows the alert for a high or low heartbeat to be sent to the system and the user gets to know about the chances of a heart attack.

Whether or not IoT solutions provide accurate information to the end users but research is still continuing in various parts of the world. People living in remote areas who do not have access to doctors are benefiting from this the most. Health matters for everyone and should be easily accessed.

Why Choose Let’s Nurture to build Smart Heart Diagnostic System?

Let’s Nurture is a leading Smart healthcare mobility solutions providing ISO 9001:2015 custom web and mobile applications development company in Ahmedabad, India. Since the existence of IoT technology, we have been transforming industries of all kind with custom developed IoT solutions. Our expertise in IoT domain is second to none having developed multiple IoT solutions for Smart farming, Smart home automation, Smart retail solutions like Smart Mirror and Beacon based proximity marketing system.

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We recently have developed an IoT based personal healthcare solution that helps patients and individuals to check their blood glucose, BMI, blood pressure, etc. and keep all the data in IoT based Android and iOS mobile app. We are also working on other possibilities that includes heart diagnostic system.

If you are into healthcare industry visioning IoT technology transforming patient care, and wish to go for a life changing idea, talk to our Smart healthcare mobility solutions experts now.


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