How do Chatbots benefit Businesses and Marketers? What do your consumers expect from the bots?

How do Chatbots benefit Businesses and Marketers? What do your consumers expect from the bots?

03 Oct. 19

According to compounded annual growth rate (CAGR), global chatbot market is projected to account for $1.23 billion by 2025.

Tools designed to simplify the interaction between humans and computers have hit the markets recently – the chatbots.

It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software which can simulate conversation with a user in a natural language through messaging applications, websites or mobile applications.

These are the upcoming most promising and advanced expressions of interaction between humans and machines.

Running a productive business requires lower overhead and high profits, and this is the tool that fulfils this requirement and thus, is gradually gaining popularity in business, but yet to become indispensable.

Benefits that consumers expect from the bots

A number of businesses have already implemented chatbots and a lot many planning to integrate this strategy into their business growth plan. But here comes up questions!
Are the consumers really welcoming this new technology?
Are they expecting their digital partners the same way as you have planned for your business?

Customers do prefer chatbots serving them with instant support rather than communicating with a customer support agent which sometimes become tedious. No one enjoys waiting their turn.
The bots can be extremely smart and intelligent yet not pretend to be human, and that’s absolutely fine!

Respondents expect the bots to be easy and fun to talk to. Smart assistants with artificial intelligence are dramatically changing businesses. Simultaneously, from consumers perspective, the consumers would always prefer personalized reply over an automated response.

Boost your business

There’s raising inclination of consumers towards the use of chatbots. More and more businesses are on to progress the development of AI for their success. Better chatbots mean better time-saving solutions and cutting labour costs.

  • The chatbots have gained an edge over standard services in terms of intelligence. The consumer-based businesses to witness massive increment with the use of these AI-based Chatbots.
  • Chatbots can provide personalised customer experience and services as those of humans.
  • This also helps in an accurate analysis of large number of consumer insights.
  • Natural Language Programming (NLP) assists in providing a human experience and making chatbots interactive.

Increase your sales

Now you can harness the power of chatbots to increase your marketing and sales. Marketers are constantly engaged in finding ways to drive business through digital means. Chatbots serve as the perfect way for this.

  • This is the future of brand awareness.
  • Indisputably, chatbots and virtual assistants are the future of marketing and customer support, highly prone to offer innumerable opportunities for your brand.
  • The assistance provided by chatbots when it comes to customer decision reduces time scanning through search results, and in turn entails fewer steps to complete a purchase, consequently resulting in lesser decision points where a customer could change their mind
  • Since, the generations ahead are increasingly moving towards digital technology, you can be sure that businesses will also adapt towards the same.
  • Driving results in marketing and sales means connecting with customers and clients on more than just the surface level.

Why choose Let’s Nurture?

Let’s Nurture is a leading Chatbot development company offering various solutions for 10+ years. Our experienced team of Chatbot developers and consultants understand the pain points of clients and ensure to add business value by delivering the best interactive chatbot solution that can automate customer interaction on your website and social media channels by developing NLP powered Chatbots tailored to your specific requirements.

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