Hoopla Tweets Analysis Android Application Crosses 1K Installations


Sep. 12

6.67 K


The Android team of LetsNurture will be the object of fawning and adulation as the company’s Android Application for Tweet Analysis reaches new heights with 1000+ installations. And why not when you have something with such a great concept.Tweets Analysis is a fun application for Android devices to analyze twitter activity; yours or anyone’s .

A meager 1.7 Megs application lets you see regular information like total Tweets, followers details, following, and average Tweet counts per day and many more tweet behavior.

Personal Stats:

  • The last month Tweet analysis shows
  • The day which you tweeted the most,
  • Time of the day you were busiest Tweeting,
  • Favorite hashtags used by you,
  • The number links you have used, which are the top 5 keywords you use,
  • People you mention the most,
  • Number of Tweets each day of the month.

Want to know how much twitter love you get via our Android Application?

The retweet analysis lets you know the following:

  • Total retweets
  • How many times your top Tweet has been retweeted, and your top retweet count.

And All this without having to login to your Twitter account. You heard that right.

We have now Improved hashtag Analysis in our Android Application.

Hashtag Analysis will give you following details for any Tag you are tracking

  • Top User List
  • Top Mention List
  • Other Tags tweeted Along with main hashtag
  • Sentiment Analysis ( Positive, Negative, Neutral)
  • Map Distribution of Tweets
  • And now you can download all participants list in application.

Additional Features:

A recent update allows you to share generated report to your favorite social networks. Further updates will allow you to download the reports to your device to carry around with you. Awesome is it not? You can download the app from this link onto your phone. Download it and boost your stats to your friends.

if you are looking for android mobile application for any of your idea. Tweet to us your thoughts at @letsnurture.


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