Health: A Priority in iOS8 Beta 5 Release

06 Aug. 14
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Apple’s latest iOS8 Beta 5 release is focusing on Company’s clear view towards Health in future days. Why we believe so? The iOS8 Beta 5 features extended support for Spirometric Data providing diagnosis of certain lung conditions. It is achieved through incorporating the amount of speed of air a human being exhale or inhale. Clearly Apple is aiming the more complex and clinical level tools with its HealthKit than just casual health and fitness devices.

More Health related improvements iOS8 Beta features

  • Availability of more icons for Data Exporting and Body Data
  • An all new Privacy Panel integrated in the Privacy Settings
  • Option to display Medical ID on the lock screen
  • All new HKWorkOut API for store workouts

And More Extensibility

  • Allow other devices such as MacBook to access to SMS through Relay
  • New icons for iCloud
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi calling indicator for T-Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Toggle predictive text on and off while in the Messaging App
  • “Last Updated” notification for syncing Photos to iCloud
  • An option to store high resolution images in the iCloud and device optimized images in the Phone

As we wait further for the full iOS8 release, one more Beta release can be expected. As the features are enhanced to more and more devices to leverage HealthKit API, we as an iOS developers – are iOS8 ready. We welcome your queries regarding iOS8 and HealthKit.

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