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Aug. 16

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Today, maintaining good health with an evenly toned body has been a desirable goal for most children and young individuals, as well as the mid age people and old ones too. Life has become so monotonous and busy that people, many a times, consider to keep their daily health and fitness routine schedules on a back burner. Routine workout and maintaining a good diet plan is one of the primary needs to remain healthy. However, many of us miss it out.

Nowadays, when almost each and every single individual possesses a smartphone – providing help & assistance, notifications and reminders through mobile phone apps seems to be a convenient way forward. Health and fitness apps aim to empower smartphone users to change their behaviour for maintaining fitness and health.

Fix Your Diet Schedules and Get Reminders

Drinking plenty of water nourishes health and carries out all the vital nutrients to cells, regulates the body temperature, removes the wasteful toxins and keep the body hydrated. Mobile Apps like iDrated and Daily Water help individuals to keep track of their daily water intake. It also maintains the schedule for water consumption over the fixed periodic course that ranges from a few weeks and goes up to several months.

Many diet planning and assistance apps remind the user about their diet schedule and help them to manage and follow a diet chart. Many diabetic patients, for example, are reminded of what vegetables, fruits and cereals to be eaten plus what drinks – milk/juices, are to be consumed at what time of the day. It also lists down nutritional information and benefits of all consumables.

Track and Maintain  Health/Fitness Schedules

Likewise there are many fitness apps which keep track of an individual’s exercising schedule. Endomondo Sports Tracker app, for example, integrates with a variety of heart rate monitor systems and certain bicycling cadence sensors that helps to learn elapsed workout time, calories burned, distance travelled and monitors pulse rate to notify the rest time.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are several more apps which promote health and wellness. Medical adherence app throws up pill reminders and tracks the medicinal intake of an individual. Menstrual period tracking app allows women to track their monthly cycles. Meditation and relaxation apps come with soothing music that help one to calm down and relax brain activity.

Current Market and Industry Trends for Health and Fitness Apps

Healthcare-related mobile apps are becoming popular at an astonishing speed, as indicated by the fact that 69% of U.S. are smartphone owners. According to industry estimates, by the end of 2018, around 1.7 billion smartphone and tablet users worldwide would have downloaded and used mobile health and fitness apps.

According to a recent survey, numbers for some of the most opted and downloaded health apps from the smartphone users are: Weight loss – 50 million, Exercise & Fitness- 26.5 million, Women’s health – 10.5 million, Sleep & meditation – 8 million, Pregnancy – 7.5 million and Others – 18 million.

Maintaining good health and fitness to live a balanced lifestyle is a prerequisite for every human being. Health and fitness smartphone apps are polite assists that prompt mobile users to take timely action and live an enriching and lively life.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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