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Nov. 16

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GPS Tracking- Global Positioning System was initiated in 1980’s for locating military appliances, but today to locate the accurate place on any item/vehicle GPS is leading. GPS made it possible to bring the whole world in just a small device smartphone. Currently through MAPS one can locate every small place in the world just by few taps.

GPS Tracking is a network of satellites that send precise details of any location, even the distance between place A and place B. So far, Flipkart, Amazon also allows the users to trace their products delivery route.

Looking to GPS Tracking importance, many of the restaurants, buses, trains and vehicles adapted the GPS Tracking technique. Fleet management companies also adapted GPS monitoring technique for acute results of the location of the automobiles.

In which Sectors the GPS Tracking can be used?

UBER and other on-demand service providers are actively using the GPS Tracking Technique. Say for example- UBER manages a huge fleet worldwide and implemented the technique of GPS- which helps passenger to track the automobile and for fleet manager, he can track the driver’s location and his driving behavior with the help of GPS. LetsNurture has also developed such an app for the booking services of the Limousins.

Similarly, on-demand service providers apps for a plumber, snow mover, etc. also uses GPS tracking features, to track the exact location of the customer and customer can view the location of the service provider to know that approximately when he will arrive at the spot.

These are just a few examples, where integrating GPS tracking technique in the mobile app helps ease the daily life. There are many more examples and much more successful examples will be crafted in the nearer future.

In the nearer future, security department will be using this technique to trace your car. Just as IMEI number of the Mobile phone is used to trace the location of the cell phone if it is lost or stolen, similarly GPS will help to search the automobile.

How GPS tracking can improve the Driving Skills?

LetsNurture implemented a KarConnect startup, in which with the help of OBD2 device one can diagnosis the car and also know about their driving behaviour. Karconnect also provides following things:

  • Provides Real-Time Trip Assistance
  • Helps in Self-Diagnosis of vehicle
  • It also provides Vehicle Management System (in case you have more vehicles)
  • User can check the vehicle’s Health
  • Keep tab on Fuel Efficiency
  • Anti-theft system to help  tracks the vehicle
  • Get Smart Alerts for service and maintenance.
  • Get instant help from the nearest service center in case of breakdown.  
  • The garage will get a report on their regular customers.
  • The garage will also get alerts for any nearby breakdown of a car.
  • SOS / Emergency alert system

The live trip assistance integrated with the GPS Tracking system helps to know at which location, what mistakes are done by the driver and also can locate accurately the car. The mistakes include idling, rapid acceleration, harsh brake, over speeding, etc. By using Karconnect with the time flow, one improves his/her driving skills and increase the fuel efficiency of the automobile. This results in the decrease of the maintenance cost of the automobile.

GPS Tracking System being the future of the enterprise will help to enhance the business and will boost personal safety with the advancement of software. Get your app upgraded with GPS tracking feature or get your GPS Tracking based app developed at, one of the leading IT company- LetsNurture. Let’s connect for the deal. Connect us at


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