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Google Tech House in Dubai: Unleashing the Technology Hues!


May. 14

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Google always has the tendency to chip in with surprises all the time! Recently, it has transformed the 2 floors of a renowned hotel in Dubai by naming it ‘Google House’.

Hues galore

Colorful bean bags, pastel colors and state-of-the-art technology are perfect to define the newly made house. The intent behind making this house was to let people know how they can enhance their houses and create an ‘app house’ for themselves. By constructing this fantastic tech house, Google has proved that nothing is impossible. So don’t be surprised if you are able to direct your tablet to find recipes while cooking, look up into the latest fashion trends while dressing yourself up or are able to roam around the city with the help of apps.

Manager speaks

Michael Valvo, who is the manager of communications at Google, stated that  “The purpose behind the making of this house at JW Marquis hotel was not to show what your future homes will look like but to show that what it could look like right now.” He further added that “There is no doubt that the world is in our pockets and if you make the most of your smartphone functions, you will be able to achieve the unimaginable!”

Division vision

The Google house was divided into 5 five rooms including living room, kitchen, study and travel room as well as a fashion room. The sixth room was allocated for the people to wear Google Glass, which is the latest wearable produced by Google. It has a headset which instructs the people about the geographical area through a small screen installed at the at eye level. Initially, it felt like you might stumble into something. It also had the voice function which responded quite promptly to all the questions.

Direct the device

The Google host was of the opinion that it wouldn’t be surprising if talking to your device becomes a routine for you. Gradually it will become an innate part of your life and you will not even have to remind yourself of its presence. Apart from the google glass device, most of the technology that the house was made up of; included huge displays that were dotted around the house by using wi-fi.

Aside from Google Glass, the majority of technology on offer was smartphone-based, linked up to huge displays dotted around the home via Wi-Fi.

Fantastic future

Mr Valvo said that “We come across several people using smartphones in their kitchen. In the future, you might be able to ask questions to your kitchen equipments just like you ask your phone. Technology is taking grip over people no matter where they are!”

The Google House was full of unbelievable applications right from the practical ones to the niche. By seeing these applications it felt as if you can actually start your day by using Google Nav, know about the location of the nearest petrol station as well as grocery store and explore the fashion world before stepping out of your house! Isn’t it amazing when you can know how sponge cakes are made, mascaras are applied and groceries are ordered from your house? Try it and believe it!

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