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May. 16

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It is believed that the design and hardware of Apple with the most user-friendly apps of Google is the best combination one can ask after Pizza and Coke. What most people have attested about the software experience on iPhone to be highly appreciable as compared to Android phones. But that hasn’t let Google take a beat from Apple, it is continuously coming with a new mobile application for iOS and the latest one is Gboard.

What is Gboard?

It is a new iOS app that acts as a keyboard and lets the user to search and send information, GIFs, emojis and much more without leaving the keyboard. The best feature is the search listing part, the results are different from that of on other apps like Google Now & Chrome.

Uniqueness of Gboard

As per Google sources, the algorithm used in the search of Gboard is similar but it is more personalised and relevant to the conversation over above. Gboard mobile app will have more direct answers as higher ranked rather than connecting links.

While all the web and mobile searches have preferential ads shown on the top, Gboard is free from ads currently. The sharing pattern of users has led to news results getting prominence over other search results.

Shopping results which are deemed to be highly prominent one in the web and mobile app searches get tailed down by the Images which are obviously viewed and shared extensively over other mobile apps.

Google takes care of your Privacy

Gboard is very different because it doesn’t remember who you are. All the search results are based on the keyword you type in, there is no sense of personalisation involved. Unlike other web and mobile apps by Google, Gboard doesn’t store any data of searches performed. There is no accumulation of person’s history even though you have logged with your account.

Basically, all the searches you do on Gboard are treated as anonymous but a continuous search at one go can enable Gboard to predict the nature of the thing you are looking for.  Two consecutively searched keywords may trigger it to give you a suggestion of combined keyword search if it finds a link in between them.

Apple is not easy to beat

While the keyboard mobile app by Google is good but it lags and is not consistent. Even after selecting it as default keyboard, iPhone changes it automatically for some apps and for certain screen environments. There are plenty of irregularities with Apple’s Third Party keyboard support, which ruins your user experience.

So we are waiting for the Gboard to debut on Play Store and check out how it features on Android device. There are many third party mobile apps that have beaten the integrated Android or iOS apps. It’s completely up to development team to make sure the app rules the category store. Contacting us is easy and simple just fill out this form here.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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