Goodbye Deodorant! Google Is Here with a Wearable Fan that Emits Great Fragrance!


Feb. 15

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Fitness bands are great! But what takes care of the odour that comes out of your body once the exercise is over? It is quite obvious that you cannot carry the body sprays or deodorants every where you go. During the hot sunny days, sweating is quite common and you find it hard to get rid of a bad smell.

Well, Google is here with a wearable fan and will make you smell gooood! The fan will release the fragrance whenever it senses that the body is smelling. Here’s the overview of the device:

The Fragrance Emission Device

According to Google, the wearable can sense the bad odour in your body and will release the fragrance accordingly. It also keeps a track of the body temperature to make sure that you stay fresh and do not smell bad. Most interesting feature of this wearable device is that, it warns the person using the device before the smell is emitted. If the user doesn’t want it to happen, he/she can disable the feature as time being. There were many accurate trackers and apps developed in the past, but this concept of wearable is very different and unique.

Communicate through Wearable Fan

The Google Fragrance Emission Device will not only reduce the bad odour by releasing fresh fragrance but also gives you a chance to locate the people in your social contacts. The people having the same device and in your contact of social profiles, can be detected in the nearby area. You can also set a route to meet them within no time. By the way, if the sensor indicates that you are smelling bad, you can avoid and change your route so that you do not meet a particular person in the surrounding area. Anyway, you can switch the fragrance fan on if it is urgent to meet your loved ones.

The device is not yet released, but the patent that was reported in Q3 of 2012 was accepted on Feb 10th 2015. There are chances that the device may be released in the next few years. There are no indications from Google yet stating whether they  have started working on the device or not. But if you are looking to develop an app for your fitness tracker, our wearable app development services is a option that you have been looking for. Request a quote here!

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