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Sep. 12

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What’s your Google pain for today? Panda Pangs? Penguin Pecks? Or the latest Rank Modifying Patent Rash? I know I’m alliteratively substandard at jokes but I also feel your pain. See I’ve just been into SEO department for a month now and found out that Google plans to effectively decimate it.

So let’s see what I’m blabbering about. This month a patent was approved in the US for an algorithm that will identify spammy techniques to modify rankings. Let me quote the documentation: here is a link for Patent about Ranking Document.

“A system determines a first rank associated with a document and determines a second rank associated with the document, where the second rank is different from the first rank. The system also changes, during a transition period that occurs during a transition from the first rank to the second rank, a transition rank associated with the document based on a rank transition function that varies the transition rank over time without any change in ranking factors associated with the document.”

Can’t make sense of it? That’s fine I couldn’t understand a damn thing at first. Made a little sense later. I’ll try to explain what I understood it. Let me put my professor monocle and hat first.

How it works?

  • There will be two distinct ranks A and B.
  • Over a transition period (from a day to a month) the site’s rank will traverse from A to B.
  • During traversal the rank of the site will be an intermediate value between A and B.
  • This rank is called a transition rank and will be calculated from a rank transition function that does not modify ranking factors.

This is a standalone algorithm and not an update to the current ranking algorithm. Anyway the point of the transition rank is further explained in the documentation:

“During the transition from the old rank to the target rank, the transition rank might cause:

  • A time-based delay response,
  • A negative response
  • A random response, and/or
  • An unexpected response”

So the immediate effect of this is that you will not be able to see what your SEO solutions are working towards. This means that your campaigns will stretch over long periods of time (best case estimate being the transition period). In other words you will be unaffected as long they are long-term.

Make no mistake this algorithm aims to curb any excessive SEO solutions spam techniques and confuse anyone doing so as evident from further elaboration.

“Unexpected results are bound to elicit a response from a spammer, particularly if their client is upset with the results. In response to negative results, the spammer may remove the changes and, thereby render the long-term impact on the document’s rank zero.

Alternatively or additionally, it may take an unknown (possibly variable) amount of time to see positive (or expected) results in response to the spammer’s changes. In response to delayed results, the spammer may perform additional changes in an attempt to positively (or more positively) influence the document’s rank.

In either event, these further spammer-initiated changes may assist in identifying signs of rank-modifying spamming.”

Adopt to the change for better

So, the inference is that do not impatiently rush into your efforts but adopt a “wait and watch” methodology or you might be trapped into undoing your own efforts. Also monitor your rank changes. If it is too random then you should understand that the hounds of war have got your scent. So, how you are going to implement your seo solutions?

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