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Oct. 13

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If you are working on responsive website design (RWD), you might have faced issue with resizing icons and finding appropriate icons with similar theme. ‘Font Awesome’ is one of the handy tool which can give you scalable vector images in ‘Font’. Advantage of having icons in ‘Font’, you can easily customize it with power of CSS3, this is amazing right?


Font Awesome Features

Here are basic features of Font Awesome which are the reasons why we recommend it for Responsive Website Design.

  • One Font, 361 Icons
  • Absolutely Free
  • Yes !! IE7 Support
  • Fully Customizable for Bootstrap
  • Scalable Vectors  ( infinite Scalability)
  • CSS customizable ( Because these fonts not images J )
  • Retina Display Compatible

Why Responsive Website Development and Design is needed?

For any professional business mobile friendly website design is very important factor because on the internet more than 50% of traffic is now coming from smartphones & tablets. As a business owner, it is required to follow your audience. Now Mobile Internet consumes 50% data. Hence, you need to approach a company that can help you make your brand reach your customers rightly through smartphones. Responsive website development has become a need now.

How LetsNurture Helps for Responsive Website Design Services?

We will help you by making a stunning and responsive website design that makes a good first impression and does all it takes to convert your visitors to customers. The responsive website designs made by us are interactive, informative and retina ready. As world is moving towards mobile even search engine prefers responsive websites. If it is not a mobile friendly website design you are still not late.

That’s what LetsNurture is here for. Our task is to research and keep working towards making your website better with each passing day so that you can get more number of leads and maximize your profits.


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