Flare Alert : Battery Powered Emergency LED Beacon for Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military


May. 15

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In last two years, We have come across the various kind of Beacon and usage of it. Approximately, more than 60 million beacons are predicted to be active by 2019. And FlareAlert – battery powered emergency LED Beacon would be one of them introduced by FlareAlert.

FlareAlert : LED Beacon

FlareAlert presents the Emergency LED Beacon and Beacon Pro which are personally and environmentally safe to use. It contains 1 high output LED and only needs four AA batteries to operate. There are two different types of flares, the Beacon and Beacon Pro.

Goal of FlareAlert Beacon

To save Firefighters from incendiary strike flare. FlareAlert LED street flares permit you and your vehicle to be seen from miles away. They will make your vicinity known in a period of need, without utilizing annoying strike flares. Ignitable strike flares contain extremely risky chemicals that can hurt the user, as well as contaminate the groundwater.

Different Usage of it

A FlareAlert LED beacon is incredible for various uses. They are usually utilized as a part of the police, fire, military, and industrial markets for mishap scenes, DUI checkpoints, helicopter landing zones, object checking, path terminations and so on. Non military personnel users likewise utilize our item for individual well being in circumstances, for example, auto inconveniences, tire changes, vehicle area, and the sky is the limit from there.

LED Beacon Lights Save you Money

Dissimilar to strike flares, LED flares are reusable and saving you cash over the long haul. Making the move from flammable strike flares to a FlareAlert LED won’t just save you cash after some time, however it will keep you safe, while protecting the globe. One FlareAlert Beacon costs about $15. However, the beacons last a minimum of 70 hours of light of while strike flares last about 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Beacon and Beacon Pro

As mentioned above, FlareAlert LED beacons come in 2 versions: Beacon and Beacon Pro. The average cost of a strike flare is about $3.00 per hour.


  • Available in red and yellow
  • Contains one (1) 0.5 W LED

Beacon Pro

  • Available in red, yellow, green, blue, and white
  • contains one (1) 1.0 W LED

Both types of beacon can resist the heaviness of a 20,000 lbs. vehicle and will streak for a few days on 4 AA batteries. Stuck in the snow or downpour? Fear not! FlareAlert LED signals are all climate safe.

Furthermore, the greater part of their flares are outfitted with an implicit attractive base that permits the client to securely secure their Beacon or Beacon Pro to the side or back of a vehicle. The 4 rubber feet found on the bottom will keep the light from scratching or harming your vehicle.


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