Firefox Launches Hello Video Chat as Its Latest Update!


Feb. 15

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Firefox has added a new feature to its browser by supporting the video chat. The latest update of Firefox which is 36.0, was launched on 24th February and the ‘Firefox Hello‘ was added in its previous version 35.0 on 13th of January.

Firefox Update

Firefox latest update has been the best of all by adding the video chat option. Video calling software such as Skype, Hangouts etc might be used by most of the people. But, Firefox seems to be safer as compared to any other video calling option. The icon of ‘Hello’ can be easily searched on the browser and it has a smiley. All you need to do is just click on the icon and get started. To know more, watch the video given below:

Working of Firefox Hello

Interesting feature of this video calling option is that you need not create an account to call your loved ones. Whenever you open the Firefox Hello, a URL appears on the screen and all you have to do is send the URL to the opposite person to send a request. Once the person clicks on the URL, you can start your video calling within fraction of seconds. The video calling quality is high as compared to the other software.

Many features are added, some are removed, few bugs are fixed and few not solved. You check the list of Firefox update for more details.

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