February 2019- A Month Blended with New Beginnings, Opportunities, Success and Celebrations


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The month of February always reminds of happiness, love and joy all around due to the days being celebrated, even in the Corporate world. We at Let’s Nurture, also have given significant importance to Valentine’s Week through all these years and 2019 was no different too. In fact, February 2019 turned out to be even more spectacular on every aspect we can consider.

Welcoming Newbies from Bhubaneswar



Back in September, Team Let’s Nurture held a campus recruitment drive at Einstein Academy and Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar. At that time, they hand picked a few potential rising stars of the future who came and joined our offshore development center (ODC) in Ahmedabad, India. We welcomed all of them with open arms and made them feel home by our amicable workplace environment on-the-go. They had a good session with our Operations & Delivery Head, where all the newcomers got to know about the basic things and life in Ahmedabad. Two interns were selected for PHP development team, one in Digital Marketing, one each in Python development and the team of Business Analysts.

“When I came to know that Let’s Nurture is coming on a campus recruitment drive, I was really excited and wanted to be a part of it. We have had our seniors still working for Let’s Nurture who gave rave reviews regarding opportunities and learning to grow in our careers going forward. I am proud to be selected and really looking forward to be a core part of Let’s Nurture and will give my best in doing so.”– said an Intern by expressing joy on the very first day.

Meetup on IoT World In Android Universe

Let’s Nurture held an amazing event at our IT Offshore Development Center in Ahmedabad to build an IoT community within the region. The aim was to build IoT Community of IoT Engineers by sharing knowledge on how to integrate IoT solutions with Android SDKs to provide automation solutions for multiple industries.



Our Delivery Head along with Project Managers, Team Leads of Web development, Python development, Android app development and iOS app development departments welcomed Snr. IoT professionals and Snr. Android developers from the city. Our Delivery Head along with his team also introduced IoT solutions that we have innovated and delivered or has already fostered POCs to the clients. The Android Development team also showcased and performed live demo of several products upon audience requests. Our innovative solutions which grabbed attention of the audience were IoT based Healthcare Solution, Health & Fitness solution with wearable technology, a revolutionary Smart Home Automation solution and Smart luggage tracker for travellers.

“We believe in pioneering strong communities across globe” said Delivery Head of Let’s Nurture. He added: “IoT is one of the many areas where we are proud of our team’s capacity to implement our knowledge and multiply it by sharing with greater community. Be it Smart Farming, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mirror or Smart Home Automation, Let’s Nurture as a team has always contributed by consulting and turning their ideas to milestones”.

The Ecstatic Valentine’s Week Celebration

Who doesn’t like Days? February 2019 will be remembered as the best so far in the history of Valentine’s Week at Let’s Nurture. We thank all the employees of Let’s Nurture family who actively participated on all the days with great enthusiasm this time around. The whole week was scheduled as follows:

  • Corporate day (11th Feb’ 19)
  • Mismatch Day (12th Feb’ 19)
  • Bollywood Day (13th Feb’ 19)
  • Red/Black Day (14th Feb’ 19)
  • Group Day (15th Feb’ 19)

Corporate Day:



We feel different and even more confident when we are in the attire of an executive. Corporate day always brings the touch of elegance and class amongst the overall atmosphere. Of Course, decency and Sophistication were reflecting in the look of Nurturers. The Valentine’s week started with it and set the platform for the rest of the days to come during what we call a week full of jubilation and happiness. Corporate Day turned out to be a statement by the Team that more is about to come.

Mismatch Day:



The very next day was the Mismatch Day. As the name suggested, the whole day was filled with many surprises and laughter as many of the employees who were far away from taking the center stage became center of attraction. Even the senior personalities dressed up in an unusual way to add the fun element to make it a special day.

Bollywood Day:



We love Bollywood. Some may deny the fact but somewhere we all love Bollywood theme party where we all dress up like the actors and actresses of the old era. This definitely was fun at Let’s Nurture too, when we saw our employees dressed as one of them. The most notable imitated personalities were Samlan Khan of “Tubelight” movie, Abhishek Bachhan of iconic film “Guru”, Vivek Oberoi aka Maya of the movie “Shootout at Lokhandwala” and the Team of old time blockbuster movie “Sholay”. Bollywood day certainly turned out to be a cherishable one and stood apart when compared to old times.

Red & Black Day (Valentines Day):



Valentines day theme was set to Red and Black colours where every single employee of Let’s Nurture was dressed up accordingly. Team Let’s Nurture showed up the colour of love, happiness and celebration through their pleasing outfits.

Group Day:



Group was equally anticipating as bollywood day as the management team separated the whole Let’s Nurture family into groups where they were free to suit up with a theme they like. A lot of efforts and creative ideas were put in place to win that award to be the best of the lot. The groups were mixed in such a manner that at least one executive of all departments was present in every group. This was to smooth the coordination and communication between those who were strangers before. We had Desi Swaggers, Team in Black with Let’s Nurture personalized caps, Minions, Tapori Gang, the Google Map Pins and even the PubG team in house.

When we look back right now, it is hard to realise that those five amazing days went in a nutshell. However, when we think what we have gained from those five days, there are numerous things from a professional point of view which makes us all proud. It certainly was the best Valentine’s Week ever in the history of Let’s Nurture without the shadow of a doubt.

Now let us shift our focus to the real stuff. The business summary for February 2019.

Projects Onboarded:

Health Monitoring App to Reduce Mortality Rate of Infants:

We are privileged to have developed an advanced premature infants health monitoring platform for parents and doctors using Android app development technology. The intent is to reduce the mortality rate of premature newborn infants with expert consultation instantly whenever required. Our expert Android App Development team has developed this app which helps parents and doctors to communicate along with real-time health data tracking of the infants with utmost transparency. Our mobile app designers have developed this health data sharing platform using Sketch and other cutting-edge technologies to create custom design for a user-friendly dashboard.

WordPress-Woocommerce Website for Pet Grooming:

Another project on boarded this month is for WordPress website redevelopment and redesign. It is about a pet grooming services on-the-go. A range of services like Pet sitters, Pet walking, Pet care, Pet spa, Pet training are associated. Moreover, using Woocommerce development, we will make our client sell the Pet products through this WordPress website by Payment Integration module using which customers can buy products online.

Project Delivered

Social Profiles Management Platform for Effective Engagement:

Our Laravel development team has developed and delivered a social media aggregator platform where users can have all their social media profiles associated in one using jQuery libraries. Users can select and add popular social media profiles (Personal & Business) on this platform like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Dribble, Behance, etc. They can also add those platforms which are not in the list of popular social media domains. We have also integrated Google Adsense tool into it to allow and run ads on your URL. You can send your URL to people where they can follow each of your personal and business profiles on various platforms.

Skill Improvement Dat at Let’s Nurture

As always, fourth Saturday of every month is an opportunity for nurturers to build and improve skills by learning new things. It also brings much needed freshness and enthusiasm by getting involved in different but relevant technology sessions.

Training & Learning Sessions for Newbies

Web Technologies:

Our senior web developer gave a training to the younger developers on basics to ReactJs, explained the tools and architecture, life cycle of code execution. The training session was also for how to setup React app from scratch, environment setup like dev-staging-production, build App and run anywhere along with important details on React component lifecycle.

Another training session was also held for interns to make them understand about the basic of HTML5 methodology and HTML5 development services provided by Let’s Nurture. Our trainees shed light on technologies like CSS and Bootstrap too.

Alexa Skill Setup:

Few members of web development team were taught by our expert Alexa skill developers on how to setup an Alexa skill using Amazon Developer Console to create a demo skill that asks a user’s name and greets back. The developers were also versed with configuring the skill with AWS Lambda function using node.js and npm.

React Native:

Our React Native developers also provided their third session on developing a predefined module to Android App Development and iOS App Development teams. Whereas, our Delivery Head give a detailed session to all the Project Managers on Amazon Web Server and also motivated them to achieve the certification by explaining the importance of it.


The design team performed regular practices over Adobe XD to create wireframes, where they were also made to learn more about the latest trends in behance and dribble platforms.

Sitting in office is routine, but it is even more important for Sales and Marketing people to go in the real world by effective engagement with people to grow network. Hence, they went to multiple meetups related to Cloud services, Conference on Agro businesses and Products and SEO Professionals Meetup. Let’s Nurture also celebrated the birthdays of multiple employees who were born in the month of February by cutting cake. This was ended with a prize distribution for Valentine’s Week winners.

When we look back today, February was far gone in a nutshell, but it seems to last forever in the memories of our family.

Let’s Nurture is a website and custom mobile application development company in India, United States, UK, Australia and Canada. We have always been recognized to foster quality services for small and large scale business with client oriented approach. Get in touch to explore the incredible world of Let’s Nurture inside out.


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