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Exposure to Various Clients and Individual Approach- From LetsNurture’s Point of View


Aug. 14

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One of the more frequently used marketing jargon “Individual Approach” is one of many promises businesses make to their clients. But how organic is the approach by most businesses when they actually deal with individuals and their diversified requirements? At LetsNurture we take pride in keeping things transparent in our all the process work and core services including mobile application development and website application. So here’s how we manage the expectations of different clients and their distinguished requirements:

At the Mac Speed

Being a leading mobile application development and website development company, we understand the deadlines and the priority. But then there are clients who want it now! Now the reasons could be explicit. Be it some third party pressure or they personally wish to complete the tasks faster. And the biggest challenge with individuals with time scarcity is – the availability of their time for you is null.

So, for any mobile application development or website development Project with 500 hours, they want it done in 300, or may be 400. That’s when our detailed analysis and work-flow specifications help. We ensure that before both parties get into an agreement for the Project, we forecast accurate time line and minimum hours required to complete the task. Quality is one of the core values of LetsNurture. And therefore, we aim to set the expectations right from the very beginning to nurture a mutually beneficial relationship for sustained period of time.

The Myth

Now we also have experienced Projects with some great ideas. But then there are others with no details and ideas with no feasibility. The expectations are huge by a client as such. Therefore, we ensure that we analyze every piece of your requirement and reassure what is a technical bottleneck and why a particular requirement will higher number of hours (and eventually cost).

Individuals with lack of clarity are not so different from the dreamers. What is more likely to push your backs against the walls with a client? Not just the extra work we would end up doing, but at the end of the day – delivery is a myth and there is no way we can fulfill a goal that isn’t set. So we make sure that we evaluate the idea and if it can work – we will make it live for you. In order to make it possible – we will provide a rational and open situation with clarity in time & cost. And with our suggestions – we provide the inputs that can transform a Myth into a Legend.


This happens too often while dealing with second-in-command. With individuals who need approvals from their Bosses or the stakeholders will most ideally be not in the position to make judgment calls or be the authority to get answers from. In such instances, our team of Business Consultants looks to understand what does the decision maker actually want? Therefore, we prepare questionnaire instead random questions – to save time and also to ensure we do not miss out cutting any of the corners. This is one of the most important things to look out for any website or mobile application development company.

We understand that while dealing with situations as such – it will require more time as we move along. That’s where our proactive and detailed approach helps us stay a step ahead to ensure we deliver the Product in specified time frame.

The Manager

They know what they want. Practically speaking either they are our loyal clients – who have sufficient in trust in how we deal with things. Or the Project given is a smaller component of an Enterprise organization. There are no long meetings and discussions on every little facet of the Project. The discussion is straightforward with what the client is looking for. We make sure that we value the time of such Clients and do not waste time beating around the bush. A detailed feature list with a reasonable time-line and regular reports is sufficient to get the work done for such clients.

The Helper

Having no details or the clarity is an issue. But clients with extended will to be part of every process, is a concern in its own. As a team, our primary goal is to ensure that the Project is completed within stipulated time frame. So as long as the active help from a professional client is taking us towards the goal – we welcome it. But at the same time we make sure the attempt of assisting isn’t diverting us from delivering the Product in specified time. We tend to spate ourselves from living up to the expectations of getting into doing things better than we can do. Through persistent discussions, positive attitude and problem solving we achieve the desired goals.

The Micro-Managers

Well, we understand that we need to give such clients what they demand and respect their concepts of getting things done. And that’s the only way to build professional understanding with demanding individuals. Also, these clients will have abundance of questions and not all are necessary. Therefore, patience and time management is very important while liaison with these type of clients.

The biggest hurdle and the reason for various questions and demands are due to client not aware of your working methods. Therefore, we make sure to understand every facet of the Project in the beginning, provide detailed work flows and wireframes to fill the gaps of the communication. And as we move along the milestones of the Project – the situation is likely to get better.

Personal Touch

It is ideal when you and your client know each other very well. And there is a calm of friendliness. While managing a client as such, it is a surplus that we do not need to make the extra effort to build the trust or understand the expectations. But on the contrary, the person who knows you well – tends to set high expectations from you – which are not always realistic. Therefore, we make sure we deal each client as new one and set right expectations in the beginning propel the relationships to the next level.

So as we conclude, there are different approaches we have to ensure that we become glorious while we deliver your Project. We practice values such as – transparency, honesty, setting right expectation and respect your business goals – to nurture the relationships with our clients. And if you believe our experience does not include a client as yours – allow us share the new experience to take our business relationships to the whole new level.

If you want to have more information about how we work and what services we provide in detail with a quote, contact us now at +91 9374444800 and one of our business executives will get in touch with you. You can also submit your queries here.


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