Event app development for a chaos free meetings and get togethers

Event app development for a chaos free meetings and get togethers

09 Mar. 17
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People like to stare at their mobile screens all the time. They might be checking their emails, reading messages, watching videos or plainly browsing through social media. Smartphones have replaced more than half of our interactive life. If you want to buy something, it’s just a click away, if you want to order something, again, it’s just a click away. From shopping to ordering food to sharing work documents, smartphone has made it all easy. Then why not planning an event. Event app development would really be a huge POS for event management companies.

Why to opt for event app development?

  • No need for printing the event schedule

I have been not to many but good number of events which I have no track record of who organized. I feel disconnected once I leave the event and hardly remember the name of the speakers after few days of the event. People find it difficult to keep the schedule of the event with them throughout. We tend to forget what is the next program or session and have to refer the  manual. And once the event is over, where does the manual go? It goes straight to the bin, unless it is pretty attractive and informative to kept along. This only increases the wastage of valuable resource, paper.

A detailed event on my phone would come handy in such situation. Everyone carries their phone with them everywhere. It would be easy for the individuals to retrieve their phone and browse through the schedule to know about the next session. They can also know more about the speaker while they are attending a corporate event. This would help them keep engaged on your event app.

  • All vendors under one shade

It becomes difficult for a person throwing a party to gather all the requirements on time. It creates a chaos which leads to hiring wrong vendor for their party needs. People won’t be able to compare the rates and would opt for someone who can provide them with supplies in less time while there were other vendors available to provide the same in lower rates.

The event organizer would be able to choose from the list of vendors while the vendors would be able to pitch their services to the event organizers through your event app. It is a win-win for all of them.

  • Don’t miss out on the invites

Has it ever happened to you that you were in a either of the situation where you had to say “They threw a party last week and we weren’t invited.” or “We forgot to invite our old neighbours.”? Well, it might have happened with you at least once. This isn’t anyone’s fault. We often tend to forget to invite few people.

An event app, in this situation, will be your knight in shining armour. The event organizer would be able to send invites from the contact list of their phones. This will avoid the missing out of the people you wish to party together with.

How to develop a mobile app for event planning?

Firstly, you need to organize your requirements of developing an event app. What type of event planning app would you want to develop and what features would you like to inculcate in the mobile app would be the most important questions to be answered on priority. Here are some of the major features that your event app can leverage:

  • Creating an event: This feature will allow the users to create events like corporate meetups, birthday parties, social gathering etc.
  • Sharing the event: This feature will synthesize the social medias. Users will be able to share the event details on social platforms like FaceBook.
  • Sending invitations: Users will be able to send invitations by accessing their contact list through the mobile app.
  • Making the event public/private: This feature will help the users to make their event visible to the audience. They can either make it private, which means only the invitees can attend the event or they can make it public, which means anyone can attend the event.
  • Vendor subscription: This feature will leverage the marketplace for the vendors like venue providers, caterers etc. The vendors can subscribe to your app and get listed.

There are other features like uploading pictures and videos, rating the vendors, payment integration through the app etc. that can be included in your event app.

What to do to build your event app?

Designing would be the first thing you would like to decide upon as the designs would be an integral part of your event app. Deciding whether you want a native or hybrid app would be another question to be considered while developing a mobile app.  Wireframe and prototyping would be your next step in mobile app development.

LetsNurture recently launched a mobile app for event organizing called ‘PartyGoals’. This event app lets you organize your events in a hassle-free manner. Here you can create an event, make it a theme based party, share it, invite your friends and much more.

Our client was happy with our efforts and the end result. We believe in delivering authentic outcomes with reliability. We have our in-house team of expertise to deliver desirable outputs. If you are looking for event app development, we would be more than happy to guide you through.

Please write to us at info@letsnurture.com for further queries. You can receive a free quote from us.



Sunil Veluri
Posted by Sunil Veluri

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