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Aug. 14

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Certainly the way businesses used to approach their customers and bring them to the point of sale and close – has changed! With the emergence of eCommerce, the offline market is facing stiff competition for majority of the business sectors. Now all the businesses based in the product line are thinking of going for eCommerce website development and get a website to sell their products to anywhere they want to. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published the numbers for the internet users and their habits in the UK; how they have diverted and where they are in comparison to that of EU. In 2006, only 35% of the adults accessed the internet daily which is doubled to 76% in 2006 as per the ONS.

Trends for Households

  • 84% households have internet connectivity rising from 9% in 1998
  • Over 74% of the adults bought goods and / or services online in 2014 and the Garments segment led the chart with 49%
  • 55% adults prefers the online medium to read or download news, newspapers, magazines or books as compared to only 20% in 2007
  • 68% adults accessed the internet using mobile platform in 2014 and the number goes up to whooping 96% for the age group of 16-24
  • 54% adults accessed the social media and the age group 16-24 stayed on top with 91%


Europe E-commerce Trends

Figure 1: Purchases made over the Internet in the last 12 months, % of 16+ Population – Great Britain, 2014:

Trends for Businesses

The digital economy is driven by the consumer habits and the business promotional trends. The eCommerce Website Development gives a facility to you that includes any form of business transaction whether it is the website sales or electronic data interchanges. It is becoming one of the stronger pillars of the UK economy with the value of its sales reaching £492 Billion in 2013. The value has increased by 47% to what it used to be in 2008 and also it is equivalent to 18% of the total non-financial business turnover in 2012-4.

Growth of eCommerce

One of the contrasting highlight is growth in eCommerce sales in 2009 by 11.8% while the GDP fell by 5.2% in 2009. The growth increase by 2011 but the driving force changed. Below figure shows how various industries contribute to growth in e-commerce sales. In 2009, the eCommerce sales were largely from the wholesale segment. But as the industry grew stronger, manufacturing and other industries contributed more.Europe E-commerce Trends

Figure 2: Contributions to growth in the value of e-commerce sales by industry, percentage points – 2009 to 2012:

But further in 2012, the growth of eCommerce reduced to 1.6% with wholesale falling to -2.1% and manufacturing at 0.3%. But the significant factor is in spite of the altering contributions, the overall value of eCommerce sales in 2012 remained same as in 2008. And in 2012, wholesale contributed largest at 35% followed by manufacturing sector at 32%.

What the future holds for eCommerce website development?

But the larger context isn’t the size of these industries to eCommerce. What these figures also signify is – one third of the sales volume in manufacturing industry was accounted by eCommerce in 2012. So eCommerce must be regarded as the future for business trends and connecting large audiences. But if we focus our analysis to Europe to find out how much is the penetration, below is what we get:Europe E-commerce Trends

Figure 3: The percentage of enterprises selling online and the percentage of adults (aged 16-74) to have made an internet purchase, EU countries – 2012:

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