Ericsson Consumer Lab Announced Astonishing Consumer Trends that will be followed by 2020


Dec. 14

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Ericsson Consumer Lab has come up with an annual report of “10 hot consumer trends for 2015and beyond” which showed that consumers would love to have technology to be imbibed in their daily utility right from the mirrors, to medicine jars, to sidewalks.

Not only that, the report has shown that the consumers are more open towards ideas like having robots in their house and indulging into ‘mind sharing’. This study was conducted on the smartphone owners aged between 15 to 69 at places like New York, London, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Moscow, Shanghai, San Francisco, Sâo Paulo, Shanghai, Tokyo as well as Sydney and depicted the views of 85 million internet users.

Take a look at the 10 hot consumer trends that might be followed in the year 2015 and beyond:

1. The streamed future

The streamed future - live streming

As the ways of media utility are globalizing, the consumers are more likely to use services that prove to be effortless and are available on demand. This includes cross-platform access to video content. It is said that the year 2015 will be quite historic as numerous people will indulge into watching streamed videos more as compared to broadcast TV.

2. Helpful & Smart homes

Helpful & Smart homes

In the coming years, people are willing to have smart homes with sensors that can alert them about the water and electricity issues and lets them know about the the presence, arrival and departure of family members in the house. Smarthome automation application development is one of the IoT based solutions that is much more than this.

3. Mind sharing

Mind sharing

Imagine sharing your thoughts to your loved ones. An absolutely new way of communication, it will enable people to keep connected to their friends and family members through thoughts. This technology will be implemented through a wearable and the consumers are more than ready to accept it. It is said that this technology will definitely be mainstreamed by the year 2020. Food for thought…huh?

4. Smarter citizens

Smarter citizens

In the coming years, being smart by keeping the track of daily behaviour as a citizen will be crucial. With the help of internet, people will be kept more informed about the ongoings of the city and will be able to take wiser decisions. This involves analyzing traffic behaviour through maps, energy consumption through comparison apps as well as knowing about the real time water quality through checkers.

5. Share & Care

Share & Care

Thanks to the internet that has enabled us to share information with others effortlessly, the idea of sharing economy has a lot of potential. Nearly 50% smart phone users are open to the idea of giving their spare rooms on rent, offering household appliances as well as leisure equipment on rent as they can get rid of the extra and earn through the renting process.

6. Digital wallets

Digital wallets

Now this means no more digging in your purses and wallets! The survey has proved that 48% of smartphone users would prefer to pay for things through their phone. 80% people were of the opinion that the smart phones might replace their purses and wallets by the year 2020.

7. Information confidentiality

Information confidentiality

This is a major point concern amongst many users. Most of the people believe that their pay actions should not be open to anyone. And hence, 47% of smart phone owners said that they would like to make payments without providing the automatic personal information. 56% were willing to have internet communication service that is encrypted.

8. Keeping healthy

Keeping healthy

Smart phone owners believe that the cloud-based services have benefited them by giving them healthier and longer lives. Health apps including pulse meters, jogging devices as well as plates that count calories are here to enhance the lifestyle of people and make them live long. The ratio says that the lives will prolong up to 2 years per application usage.

9. Domestic robots

Domestic robots

Who would not love to get a little helping hand at home? Consumers have welcomed the concept of having domestic robots that would help the home owners with their everyday household chores. 64% were of the opinion that it would be normal to see robots helping the home owners by the year 2020.

10. Children will benefit

Children will benefit

It is said that children will demand of a more tangible internet service so that the physical world can be connected to the screens of their devices. 46% smart phone owners opined that the coming generations will expect that all the objects of utility are connected by the time they are old enough to use them.

This mind-blowing study has given us several reasons to think about how world is getting adapted to technologies and what changes will be implemented in the near future. Have an idea that needs to be implemented? Write to us on or call us on +91 9374444800.


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