How Enterprise App Fosters Employee Engagement?


Nov. 16

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To use smartphones apps is a usual trend nowadays. It’s like for every small to large purpose, we use mobile apps as they are easy to use and highly responsive. Also, moving to the enterprise applications, as per the success stories of Enterprise News App, I can surely say that the experiment regarding Enterprise app for employee engagement will surely boost results in the positive details.

Like we connect to our friends and dear ones via chatting apps, employees engage with their co-workers through enterprise apps. Traditional ways include the corporate life where one works for fixed hours on hoards information. Employees engage themselves in routine work and at the same time communicate with others via emails and through apps. However in the near future things will change completely.

In future people will work from anywhere at any time and using any device. They will be more focused on providing outputs, sharing information via multiple mediums and use technology to collaborate.In fact for all the above, we surely need a single solution one could deal with. The prominent solution all these is the Enterprise app development.

Advantages of Enterprise App Development

A recent Gallup poll mentioned that 70% of employees are not engaged at work. But when they are, they’re 21% more productive—and 87% less likely to leave companies. However, it will help to enhance the productivity and employees engagement by many folds. Apart from these, other benefits include of Enterprise App

  • Connected employees can work more and more effectively
  • United employees focus more on the priorities
  • The connection of all results in the great teamwork
  • Teamwork increases the productivity

Ways to Nurture Employee Engagement

  1. Gamification: Including Gamification in the app encourage the employees to increase the knowledge, play trivia and through that also earn the reward points for their expertise.
  2. Alerts: Anyone can update the team regarding the updates of a company or about the project. A smarter and faster way for the mass communication.
  3. Feedback: Instant feedback regarding any issues on the floor can be sent to the  management team so that they can be solved rapidly.
  4. Social Recognition: Employee engagement in the large organization also shows their social level engagement as an individual.
  5. Tutorials and Videos for training: This is the best part as through this, a fresher or a newcomer can easily get acquainted to the atmosphere of the organization. Technical tutorials and videos help him to learn the things that he is unaware of.
  6. Reminders and Events: You can easily fix the reminder for meeting or task completion. All the members can be updated instantly about the event within few taps.

For about 3 hours or more a normal person uses his smartphone. Then why not use it for the productive purpose to engage with colleagues? LetsNurture has crafted many solutions based on Android and iPhone App Development. LetsNurture expertise team has tried their hands on Enterprise App Development and Gamification. Let’s shake hands to connect for all your mobile app development requirement to boost employees engagement. Let’s connect,our email:


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