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Jul. 14

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Since the release of Android wear, many are expecting to get the update of Google Maps as it was not working properly. There was a problem with the navigation commands that didn’t work properly. After a long time, Google unveiled the update at Google I/O. The android lovers present in the conference were the luckiest to get the Android smart watches. Anyway, the company has announced that more watches will be released after a month. The wearable technology has also boosted the scope of wearable application development in this domain.

This version (8.1.1) of Google Maps has changed the context of using it on the smart watches. Many of the users have experienced the features of Android Wear at Google I/O live and also tried them on their wrists. It will be soon updated on all the smart watches shortly. Let us see some of the carving features of this latest version:

3D Street View

Now it is easy to use Google Maps on your Android Wear as it shows all the streets in a 3D way. The users were truly fascinated by this feature a lot when it was unveiled at Google I/O.

Enhanced GPS Navigation

This feature has comparatively improved than the older version. As there were some bugs in the older version, GPS was not working properly. But with this version, all the features of GPS navigations are fixed. Users can now experience amazing and seamless navigation with voice messages on the android wear.

Know the popular hubs

You can get the information about all the business and popular hubs in your surroundings. Make sure that you switch ON the GPS as soon as you start the Google Maps to track the locations.

Text and voice search

Gone are the days when you searched by text. It’s all about using the microphone on your smart watch to search for any place on the earth. Just speak out the place you would like to visit and leave the rest on the Google. Finding your destination was never easier!

These are some alluring features of Google Map which were updated especially for Android wears presented at Google I/O.

LetsNurture, an android app development company was eagerly waiting for Android Wear’s release. They have already developed many apps for android users and now looking forward to develop some useful apps for smart watches. LetsNurture has also tons of experience in developing the Android wearable application development.

This update has fixed all the bugs in the Google Maps for android smart-watches. It will be soon available in all the stores, expected to be out in next month.

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