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Oct. 16

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Yoo hoo! It’s Friday again, time to get high and party with your old pals at the townside bar. Oh No! Is your purse denying you to booze? Just chill, you simply need to download subscription based cocktail app to keep all your drinking woes at bay.

According to an estimate, an average drinker redeems around about sixteen drinks a month. Going by this figure, a drinker spends anywhere between $80 to $100, now that’s a Big amount. Here’s where subscription cocktail apps come into picture. By availing monthly subscription, a member can avail one cocktail every day. Every now and then, packages and offers keep changing to entertain loyal customers.

So what exactly is Subscription Cocktail all about?

One thing that must be hovering in your mind is what kind of spell does this so called subscription app showers that make them affordable? Perhaps the answer lies in the way in which the App is used as a promotional tool to serve drink orders.

By encouraging drinkers to install subscription app, restaurants and bar owners could engage in direct marketing to their prospective customers. Also by providing regular notifications the bar business could advertise their best cocktail servings. Apparently, this helps bar business in saving bundles of dollars that are otherwise employed in traditional advertising.

Another important consideration is that to draw in potential customers and win their loyalty the first drink is offered for free. Some bar businesses charge just $9.99 per month to provide members with one cocktail every day. Drink lovers can visit any of the network bars to get a drink of their choice by displaying the membership card.

Functions & Features Just like any other On Demand App

On demand app platform as discussed earlier, lets you avail services anytime, anywhere with simple taps and clicks on your smartphone. The subscription-based cocktail apps are of a similar kind.

They help you in easy navigation and route finding. With the help of geo positioning system, the app lets you to locate cafes and food outlets. So while you are driving, the mobile application shows you on the map all the tied up bars, restaurants, juice centers and coffee shops.

The cocktail app also offers as many as 8000 cocktail recipes to let you choose. The mobile app has something in offer for self-styled bartenders as well. Many smart bartending techniques and suggestions are showcased to add taste to every sip. With the app installed, you can get regular notifications about trending deals and discount on offer.

The app interface also provides you with an option to view and pay monthly subscription fees and other order bills through mobile banking. In the near future, subscription app is also expected to increase its outreach in the entire hospitality sector.

Final catch on Cocktail Apps

If you are a drink lover subscribing to a cocktail app will do all the magic for you. You can avail more drinks within your budget and savour every sip of it. Now who would want to miss a drink offer that is affordable and the app that is available for free?

Are you a drink lover? Have a tablet or a smartphone? Get the app installed, Now!

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Ketan Raval
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