A Dongle can Transform TV into a Smart Beacon System


Oct. 16

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Talking about television, it reminds me about the changes in entertainment technology that has overcome in past few decades. From Analog to Digital and now moving towards the Smart technology, TV is really revolutionising. Smart TV is not just meant for our entertainment but it can do a lot more with a dongle attached to it.

By now we have become familiar with dongle technology for the TV like Chromecast, Apple TV and Alexa. These dongles can provide additional functionalities like Wifi or Bluetooth and create a new ecosystem of entertainment. This technology has surely raised our entertainment appetite, but they aren’t smart enough to be called Smart TVs. Now with the series of new dongles, we expect TV to become more personalized and smart.

Glimpse of Digital Dongle

Every day after day tech-innovators come with new additions in the tech arena. Digital dongles are yet another inclusion to the smart sensing technology. You can connect them to HDMI port and USB slot of your TV screen or a digital display to sense wireless signals. The device usually comes with built-in BLE sensors that send and receives emission from nearby smartphones and energy emitting stickers.

What does the device offer?

  • When the dongle is connected to your television, it is ready to receive all kinds of wireless signals from proximate beacon transmitters.
  • You can use your beacon enabled smartphones to send messages and receive notifications.
  • Dongle devices are also equipped to scan digitally labelled merchandise to display information on a larger screen.
  • All the information gets updated in a remote-cloud server, and therefore the device always shows you the latest.

Business Applications

  • Device allows you to transmit digital picture or the unique QR code of the product to the digital display device.
  • Detailed product information like product size or price is transmitted via dongle.
  • Dongle also helps you navigate terminals and gates in an airport, find flight details & schedule and get direction to nearby eatery stalls.
  • Large hotels also employ display enabled dongle to let their customer locate room, order food or call a room service operator.

Hooking up of dongle to the television is very simple. Just plug in one end into an HDMI port and the other into a USB slot for power. The device design will require you to find a TV with two ports (HDMI and USB) besides each other. As an alternative you can even use supportive extension cord to connect it to the display.

Future of Smart Beacon

In the nearer future, we will see technologies like the smart mirror, where one can get personalised advertisements and offers in the shopping malls, hoardings, etc. Soon a screen will be used for multiple purposes like to on or off the lights of the room, to view one’s schedule of the day, a map of the desired location and simply for entertainment. The evolution has no end. Our world will become more interactive, smarter and connected.

LetsNurture is currently working on Smart Mirror technology that is quite closer to this dongle concept. It may be novice but its applications can transform your daily routine and can help u to save a lot of your time. We have the expertise to develop and integrate mobile apps using Beacons and Dongles. For business enquiry, email us on


Ketan Raval
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