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Sep. 16

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It’s quite a time since we know about Augmented Reality mobile apps. The most popular applications with this technology have been the gaming apps. I have been talking to many people on AR and realised that most people hardly know about this awesome technology. The awareness is quite low in terms of usage of AR in real-life.

My colleagues at LetsNurture have already written about AR in museums and aiding it for mobile shopping. So, I chose to bring the attention toward one of the unique ways to use the AR in mobile apps. Something which can make the difference in our daily lives.

Virtually Designing the Room

How easy for us to decide the interiors of our home? Right from colour selection to hanging some painting or putting a simple thing as a wall clock – it’s never easy to chose. The biggest challenge comes before us is the visualisation. Until unless one is a really good imaginator, there is hardly any chance for others to decide the best interiors.

Augmented Reality (AR) applications enrich the real world environment with a certain amount of synthetic information. It is ideally enough to overcome the limitations of the real world for a specific application. Thus, It makes very much sense to use AR in aiding visualisation because it can reflect you how real environment would be by just doing things virtually.

Mobile Based Visualisation

Augmented reality brings a whole new way to think about the visualisation of physical goods — you can preview them as social goods. Who doesn’t want to decorate their home nicely? Is there a painting or sculpture you’ve been looking for, but you’re not sure if it would fit, dimensionally or aesthetically? An AR visualizer app can help you out in this.

AR Digital Visualiser will let you take a picture or view a live image using the device camera. The user is then allowed to mask the picture or view. Once masking is done user can drop colours of choice or can add the frame that needs to be placed to design the room. This virtually adding and eliminating the colours, painting, wall art, etc can save a lot time of bringing the particular thing physically to the location.

Virtual Advantage of Digital Visualizer

In some cases of sensitive items, this can be very much helpful by conserving money and eliminating the transportation risk. The AR mobile app can help visualize the frame with different colour combination. Using unique augmented reality technology, you can see realistic paint colours appear on your walls with just a tap of the screen. Experiment with bolder colours or narrow down your colour choices with confidence.

This kind a mobile technology solution can not just help individuals but also the retail stores in helping their clients buy the right product. Being a mobile technology it is easily accessible and carried to varied locations for helping the customers visualise the interior of their walls and floors before the actual thing is done.

  • Save Money on redesign of room.
  • No risk of transporting costly arts.
  • Easy for customer’s visualisation.
  • Freedom to chose different items at same time.
  • Quick experiment with colour schemes.

Working on innovative mobile solutions to bring change in the customer experience has always been the motto of LetsNurture. The world is moving swiftly towards the AR based solutions. It high time to ride the tide and panache to the customer experience in regards to interior designing and effects.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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