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Aug. 16

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Our way life has changed a lot in last five decades and it has a lot to do with the technological innovations that have been happening over the period. In the earlier days, there were hardly any options to do work, there were few services to offer, but now the most flourishing sector is the Tertiary/Service sector.

While the big services are always being Banking, Telecom, Real Estate, Hospitality, Media and IT but there are few basic services without which our day to day lives may become uneasy. These  services basically relate to the maintenance of our assets ranging from our plumbing, electrical work, cleaning, etc.


The need of being perfectionist and professionalism in work has kept us away from these meagre tasks. Leading by lack of time in one’s own life has given significant rise for on-demand services. It allows people to book professional services or select a particular task of their choice conveniently through call or an application.

Amongst the busy schedules, it is hard for the people to find space in lives and smartphone applications have been a rescuer in this. You want to book a movie ticket or order your favourite cuisine, everything has an app today.


The only space that is left out is for the demand of these basic household handyman on demand services. There is great possibility for every region to have an app for such services based on the local customer requirements.

Such on-demand services not only benefit the consumers but also the service providers who want to grow their business and provide their specialised services. Some of these professionals themselves came together to make a consolidated website or an app for booking their services.

It made their business operations streamlined with increasing possibilities to reach out higher number of customers everyday. The idea is very simple as more people are on the internet today, they look for the requirement in the same space.

On demand services and  professional apps come with several peculiar features to influence and attract the new customers. To name few,

  • App users could post and describe tasks they need to accomplish and set budget limit for each
  • App lets the customer to view support executive’s profile, experience and customer reviews on the task previously completed, to find the suitable fit
  • It also allows app users to reach out the customer support team via live chat or an email
  • Some apps also provide an interface which allows textual and audio communication between the customer and the support executive
  • App also renders fast, seamless and secure mobile payment on the pre agreed amount. Virtual money is preserved in the app’s trust account and released to the executive’s account after the actual work completion
  • App also lets the customer to rate and review the workmanship of the attending service worker

With an increase in the number of smartphone users, it is imperative for the businesses to have a mobile presence. It is about time for professional service providers to have an app that would help them showcase their work excellence to boost their business.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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