Comedy Club at our beloved Gumption Center Bradford Office


Dec. 12

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If your office is situated at a place where comedy club or acoustic music session are being held every weekend, you won’t be in a rush to go home at weekend right?  Comedy Club is one of the fascinating thing on weekend at our Gumption Center Office. (if you get lucky you may find Free Poker Night on Event Schedule 😉 )

Gumption Center Bradford

Gumption Center is a Victorian building located at heart of Bradford. It is a business center with its own quality, ethics and dignity.  I still remember a day when I met John (co-owner of Gumption Center) and within few minutes he was ready to incubate us in his business center with a rent we were able to pay. And then I met another helping personality David (if you are into technology, David can help you a lot in many things) . At gumption center you will feel like a family that I can vouch for sure. what a great environment to have your business setup isn’t it?

Comedy Club at Gumption Center

Yesterday Nihil (Head of UK Operations) sent me some cool pictures of last comedy club at gumption center. Nihil has been very busy since we opened up our Bradford office.  We are glad that operations on our Web & Mobile Apps have speed up with the help of all good team at Gumption Center. But On the other end Nihil has been lucky to enjoy our customers treat just like he enjoyed in sheesha lounge previously.Comedy-Club-Gumption-Center-Bradford

Gumption Center is known for promoting local artist and local businesses from years. Nihil mentioned it was fun to be at Comedy Club.   When I was in Bradford back in July I had witnessed Acoustic music session as well. This is what The Great Britain is known for “true culture” right?. If you are in UK and want to develop any kind of mobile application like beacon based application, sensor based application or wearable application, just drop in to our office with you idea..


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