Color Plays Big Role in Buy-o-logy


Nov. 13

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In Conversion Optimization Study “color pshychology” is always important topic. “Color” plays a big role in consumer’s “buy-o-logy”. Here are some our research and references how “color” affects marketing & sales.

Here are some basic inputs for using color as a conversion optimization tool:

  • Each color represents unique behaviour (Red: energy; increases heart rate; creates urgency; often seen in clearance sales, Blue: creates the sensation of trust and security; often seen with banks and businesses)
  • Color’s behaviour is not an entirely universal – Color taste may way vary based on different cultures or geographic locations. People in UK will react differently than people in India for the same color.
  • 60-90% of shoppers place “color” as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product. The studies on Consumer behavior shows that the color of packaging significantly influences the choice of a particular product. Experiments and testing of the control groups were designed to help advertisers, producers, managers and designers to make the most appropriate choice for the color of products, taking into account the potential benefits and effectiveness.
  • “Color” improves Brand Recognition. Color has been shown to impact people’s ability to concentrate and learn. They have a wide variety of specific mental associations.The fact is that it is advantageous for a brand to consistently “own” certain colors, which provide an additional recognition cue.

What about Software Industry?

Now let us realise the importance of color in IT industry in brief.

Psychology of Color Infographic
Psychology of Color Infographic
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