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Apr. 18

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Project Overview

Biofeedback Driven App developed by Let’s Nurture helps people to attain radiant health through food, fitness and mindfulness. The central focus of the biofeedback driven app was to get users to take a daily assessment depending on their HRV (heart rate variability). HRV is a biomarker that transmits subtle yet powerful messages about your body’s needs, like an like an energy thermometer that determines your perfect workout, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. HRV coupled with holistic living sets you up for a life of freedom in your body, mind, and spirit.


The startup was privately funded, and had to find most cost-effective solution for client’s Biofeedback app driven development needs.The main challenge was to develop an enhanced product experience for customers that includes more interactivity, a re-skinning of the app, and an in-app purchase functionality.



The development team of Let’s Nurture assisted with developing a client intake form, making the fields customizable. Moreover they also created the ability for customers to access in-app purchases. The development team handled the website development and configuration among many more things.

Lets Nurture has served more as our development team rather than just delivering one-off solutions.

How did they approached Let’s Nurture?

We hired Lets Nurture because they had the confidence to work with a biofeedback driven app at a price point we could afford. They also seemed competent and kind.

Feedback from Client in form of Ratings

We got 5 star review from the client on Clutch that was categorized by quality, schedule, cost and willing to prefer. During an interview by Clutch, client reviewed:

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Our company has at least 4 live launches a year where our entire customer base kicks off their REVITA5 experience at the same time. Lets Nurture has supported us in launching successfully and has made themselves available to troubleshoot any glitches we encounter.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

The workflow is pretty good. We are based in California and they are in India, so the time zone difference can cause some delays but we have learned how to navigate this better over time.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

They are genuinely kind and keep their cool under pressure. The never let negativity spill out into our relationship. The cost is very impressive as well.

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LetsNurture has been a pioneer in the health and fitness app development and has developed some of the best apps for the healthcare industry. The Biofeedback driven app developed by Let’s Nurture proved to bag us a very happy client.

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