Christmas2018: A tour to an Enchanting Celebration Event by Let’s Nurture Family filled with Love and Joy


Dec. 18

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We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas;

And a Happy New Year!!!

Having Christmas at the end of the year is the best possible thing we could have to conclude it in the most joyous way. #Christmas2018 celebrations at Let’s Nurture were even bigger and better than the previous ones.

Let’s Nurture, a leading Mobile App Development Company with over ten years of experience in providing custom mobile applications across the globe, celebrated Christmas by doing skill development activities followed by team lunch session which kick-started multiple events of celebrations filled with joy, enthusiasm, surprises and most importantly unity.


Celebration Kick-off

Our whole offshore development center in Ahmedabad was decorated on Christmas eve to make it ready for Christmas. The goal was to bring a feel-good factor and positivity for every employee when they pop into the office the next day. And guess what, it worked perfectly!!

Skill Development Activities:

As it was meant to be a skill improvement day too, the first couple of hours were spent on skill improvement activities.

React Native Session for Mobile (Android & iOS) Teams:

iOS and Android development team had a presentation on Mobile React Native by our own employee, where the team researched and explored more about the performance, reduced development costs and time, animations, Code Reusability, Improved UI/UX and much more regarding cross-platform application development.


Razor Payment Gateway Integration for Website Developers:

The Web development team had a presentation on how to empower business with all the right tools to accept online payments and provide best customer experience.



Creating a special set of events with perfect implementation requires a great set of skills, which Let’s Nurture tries to create on every month. As we believe, “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement”- every employee from web team,  iOS development team, mobile app development team, design team, digital marketing team, and sales team showed equal participation.

The team of business analysts was the catalysts in deciding the flow and celebration events. The management team and delivery head also helped the BA team to come up with the whole set of new ideas, which allowed everyone on the floor to showcase their hidden talent.

With a perfect plan in place, it was meant to be a success where teamwork, ideas, execution, happiness, joy- all these words meant one thing only- Let’s Nurture Family.

Communication Gap:

This is something we used to play a lot during our childhood. The whole Let’s Nurture family was divided into 6 groups. Each group was given a topic, the team was queued in a line facing the same direction. A topic or theme is given to the first person in the queue. The first person then calls the next one to turn around and performs the act with gestures and postures without uttering a word without anyone else’s involvement. Then in this order, the act performed by the first one in the queue was meant to be conveyed to the last one in the queue. The event will be judged how accurate the last person acts compared to the first person.

The whole event was to improve the communication gap amongst the team members. Apparently, it turned out to be an event full of smiles and happiness.

Newspaper Event:

The newspaper was a theme based event as well. We had 6 groups and the themes given are as follows:

Group 1: Life of a Woman


The presentation was all about the life of a woman. Woman is the root of every human being. She plays many roles during her life from a baby, then a daughter to a bride and ending up as a mother and grand maa. So save the girl child and Let her live!! joy, enthusiasm, surprises and most importantly unity.

Group 2: Indian Wedding


This theme was all about a wedding of an Indian girl and the purpose of the act was to take an initiative to stop social evil disguised as dowry in the country.

Group 3: Rock Band Theme


People only salute the rising sun, no salutation is offered at sunset. Likewise, people only give importance to a person only when he is successful and wealthy. When the same person, experiences a failure, surrounding people ignore him and stop giving importance. Sometimes their closed ones also stop caring that leads a person, believed to be a rock star, into loneliness, depression, drug addiction, etc. But there is always someone in your life, that will be standing beside no matter how worse is the situation and make you stand-up back.

Group 4: School Life


Talent lies everywhere. Whether it’s a village school student or city school student, everyone can excel in their careers or studies by their own capabilities and caliber. The group presented the School life in villages and town and showed us the reason why everyone is equal and can excel no matter from where they came from.

Group 5: Village Life


The title “Life in a Village” was bifurcated in two types which are apparent in the 21st century. The village without the technology implemented, which many of the villages in India are experiencing still. And the village with the smart solutions implemented. The message was clearly explained to government influencers and corporates to improve the life of people who are still in dire need of technology and innovations. joy, enthusiasm, surprises and most importantly unity.

Group 6: Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)


The team conveyed the social message- “Please give polio vaccination to children below 5 years to avoid polio disease.” The second message was “The correct place of garbage is in dustbin not on roads and parks. Please make sure your surroundings are hygiene and contribute to Swachh Bharat Mission”.

Where everyone had to come up with a presentation by only using newspaper and justify the topic that was provided. Each group came up with so much creativity, and many hidden talents were revealed.

The performance was judged by Mr. Jay Shah and our Head of HR department. The results were judged based on four key parameters-

  • Team involvement joy, enthusiasm, surprises and most importantly unity.
  • Dialogue and direction
  • Props and their usage
  • Social message

All the teams participated performed brilliantly given the time constraints. Based on the topics, the mood was already set from the first to the last act. The real festive feeling was being felt inside out. This newspaper event has been the best Let’s Nurture family has seen over the years. The results for this event were declared based on the parameters given above with appreciation to all participating teams, the winners and runners-up.

Secret Santa:

The most awaited, anticipated and surprising event was “Secret Santa”. It was an event in which the whole family exchanged Christmas presents anonymously. Moreover, it was fun, we all received surprising gifts from Secret Santas.


Team Lunch sponsored by PMs,TLs and Delivery Head:

Let’s Nurture management team exactly knows how to appreciate its employees. The organization has never failed to nurture its employees in any aspects. So, this time all the TLs, PMs and the Delivery Head decided to host a lunch to the entire family in order to thank them back for all those efforts the entire team has shown in the year 2018. So, for the very first time, the whole family had delicious ‘Totha and Bread’ as lunch together. It was such an amazing moment.

Cake Cutting:

On every skill improvement day, Let’s Nurture celebrates birthdays of its employees who were born in the same month, but this time our Delivery Head thought of making this Christmas more merry and happening. So, few Sagittarius and Capricorn celebrated their birthdays by cutting homemade Donuts brought by our delivery head.


Marathon Runners at Let’s Nurture

Few jewels of Let’s Nurture who have been there with Let’s Nurture through thick and thin for more than 5 years, without whom LN couldn’t have achieved the same level and position it is having right now, were honored them with tokens of love.


Every good thing comes to an end. With the Christmas season in full flow, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. But let us cherish love and happiness while we are at it.

Hope you enjoy reading this Christmas celebration article as much as we enjoyed the day. So, if you want to experience those funful events in a corporate world and get the feeling of being with a family at the workplace, join our team. Let’s Nurture would love to welcome you all.

Merry Christmas!!


Lets Nurture
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