Integrate Third Party VoIP iOS10 Apps Through CallKit Framework


Nov. 16

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Ever since the launch of iOS10, iPhone App Development has offered an abundance of features and functionality for every iPhone user. By offering a whole bunch of rich widgets, extensive messaging and improved voice interface iOS10 apps development has something in store for all the iPhone users.

A Glance Through at CallKit Framework

A CallKit framework offered with iOS10 app development lets the user to integrate VoIP apps with the iPhone UI. This provides third party VoIP application accessibility to system/device UI and lets them take over the screen control.

Which means that all your other open iOS10 apps could now easily coexist with the VoIP call. All the opened up iOS10 apps are automatically put to rest in the background. They regain the focus only when the user opts for it explicitly or when the VoIP call disconnects.

Comparative Analysis

Before iOS10 when the second call arrives the VoIP calls are dropped automatically. However with iOS10 apps development, VoIP calls gave the same call waiting experience that you get with other cellular calls. Likewise in the earlier iOS versions VoIP call arrival was denoted with system notifications, but now, it behaves just like any other native kit.

Easy Integration with Third Party iOS10 Apps

The CallKit API makes extensive use of the features offered by the iOS10 to integrate with the third party apps like Spark. Apparently the CallKit API optimally consumes best from both the worlds. It lets the user to access the contact list, favorites and recent call logs using the inbuilt system API. On the other hand, the actual voice or video calling are handled by the third party apps.

So the next time when you receive call on your Whatsapp or Spark, your call will have complete control over home/lock screens. Also with the integration with apps like Truecaller, CallKit offers even better call management to iPhone users. The users can avoid answering, block and mark the unsolicited VoIP call spam, just like any other telephone call.

Benefits Offered

  • Incoming VoIP calls behave exactly in same manner as the usual telephone calls
  • Both VoIP and telephone calls are handled with equal priority controlled by the user
  • Telephone calls are made to wait when the VoIP call is in progress and vice versa
  • Swapping of the active or held calls are easy, regardless of whether they are VoIP or the telephone calls
  • Just like the telephone calls, VoIP calls are also visible on user’s recent call lists

To keep it simple CallKit framework plays a significant role in providing better communication and collaborative experience to all the iPhone users. Easy integration of VoIP apps makes with the iPhone UI gives user an experience of their lifetime. With the assistance of CallKit App extensions, users could avoid unsolicited VoIP calls and thus save considerable amount of time.

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Ketan Raval
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