Buy Online from Primark – Major eCommerce Shift in UK Retail Industry


Jun. 13

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It is needless to say that everyone in UK would have bought at least once from Primark. Primark is one of the biggest fashion retailers of UK and has large number of chains in UK. Primark has partnered with ASOS online retailer and it will sell few primark items online to get some “insights” on consumer behavior online. It is fair to say that Primark has taken a wise step given the demand of eCommerce website development for retail industry in the UK.

Primark has not disclosed that how long it will continue to sale online but as per major shift on online retailing business, it is not support to be short lived.

What Primark Says about Online Retailing

Primark’s spokesperson said the trial would offer an ‘insight into online retailing’. In a statement announcing the tie-up, Asos described Primark as a ‘retail phenomenon’- “ With their unique take on the latest must-haves and the newest trends, Primark fans can get their hands on their award-winning affordable fashion, from skinny jeans and denim to skater dresses and printed t-shirts,” it said.

Reacting to Primark’s partnership with Asos, Venda, a leading provider of ecommerce technology to such companies as, Jimmy Choo and Tesco, has issued the below statement on why Primark has decided to make this move into the online space and what it means for the retailer moving forward.

“Primark has recognised that even with a solid high-street proposition, neglecting the online channel is not viable for today’s retailers. While Primark will sustain a high level of focus on its bricks and mortar stores, the company realises that it must adapt its business model in line with the preferences of its consumers – who expect to be able to browse and make purchases online, as well as on the high street. However, this move into the online space may also be indicative of the company’s plans to internationalize and grow in other markets – the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to do so is to venture and branch out online.”

“While partnering with a hugely successful etailer such as ASOS will guarantee that their products are seen by a high volume of consumers, by not developing its own website, Primark is also leaving itself open to losing sales to other brands and products featured on the ASOS site. Diverting resources away from their own online proposition may have some initial merits, however Primark should quickly be thinking about how it can be disruptive in this space and this will rely on it creating its own individual online presence.”

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