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Blood Monk- A blessing for Humans in More Ways Than One


Apr. 14

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Engaging in social work gives one a feeling of genuine happiness. As an IT firm, LetsNurture put their heart and soul into on-demand application development that is a brilliant form of social work all the way.

Social Service Purpose Served through Blood Monk

‘Blood Monk’ is the name of this wonderful application that was created with an aim to help people donate blood and receive blood in times of need. It is available in both the platforms- Android and iOS because of our expertise in Android application development and iPhone application development. With the difficulties one faces when one needs to receive blood, it was imperative to this Ahmedabad based company to do its part for the society. Users of this application can find the names of blood donors in their cities and can get first-hand information regarding the nearest hospital within minutes on their smartphones.

Inside Blood Monk Application

The application has three tabs. The first is the ‘Register Blood Monk’ tab. Clicking on this tab enables users to do their bit for others by registering as a blood donor. One can register a relative for this noble deed too. The second is the ‘Search Blood Monk’ tab. Users are able to select their blood group and locality. Related users of the application having the same blood group and residing in the same area can be located by clicking on the ‘Search’ button. These donors can be called, messaged or emailed by clicking on any one of them and getting their contact details. The third tab is the ‘Monks on Map’ tab. This displays all information regarding registered donors, major hospitals and blood banks on Google Map. Users are able to filter results according to their needs.

Role of LetsNurture

Presently, LetsNurture has made this application for only the people of Ahmedabad, but in future, this application will be enhanced for other cities as well. So download this application for free, and help yourself and your relatives in getting timely help in quicker time. You can also refer this to friends and be a part of helping the society.

So if you are willing to do something for others, register right away. Not everyone may be comfortable with the idea of donating blood.

Our Expertise in On-demand Application Development

LetsNurture has got the expertise needed to provide customized solutions through On-demand application development for Emergency Services. Already being a Co-founder of Blood Monk App, our CEO and the team understands the sheer requirement of on-demand apps for emergency services for various departments and we are proud to serve those people who are in need of blood in urgent situations.

Call to Action

It has given us immense pleasure to be a part of the life-changing on-demand application development for emergency services project in the form of Blood Monk. If you also care enough about your ideas on the same concept or any other, it is time to get the right app on your table!

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