Beacons to Empower Shazam Music App to Provide Location Based Information!


Jan. 15

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Shazam App is known for its collection of songs and ability to search any song that you would like to hear. Millions of users prefer Shazam app to hear their favorite beats. With the rise of using beacons in different domains, Shazam has partnered with Gimbal to provide location based information through  their music app. Wow! This is a perfect way to use the different resources of technology and integrate them to get some unique solutions!

iBeacons Providing Location Based Information

Beacons Providing Location Based Information

Now that you know that, Shazam will be providing content besides playing music to its users, let us just have a look at the example that how actually it might work with beacons:
For an instance, if you are walking on your way and found one movie poster and staring at it to get more information, you wont get enough details about the same. But when you have the Shazam app and if the beacon is installed in the poster, you will get more of information about the movie. You can also watch the trailer and download the songs if they have been already released. This is just an example. There are many other ways that Shazam and its integration with Gimbal beacons can give more to its users.

Statement from the CEO of Shazam

Statement from the CEO of Shazam

Rich Riley, the CEO of Shazam said that, “We are very excited about the fact that we are integrating our app to beacons and connect wit the users all around the world in a new way. The users can now explore more things around them and can get relevant content for the same.”

We have seen beacons doing a lot in the present retail market and transport hubs. But the integration of Shazam and beacons seems very unique. Isn’t it? If you are looking for such unique solutions for beacons apps, we give you the best!
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