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Barnacle SEO with Google+ Local and Business Reviews


Mar. 13

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Thanks to Google+ Local, business owners and marketing agencies alike can now promote themselves much easily. But even so it is still down to picking up a following. Today we are going to talk about how you can take advantage of your business page. So far this has been the most underutilized feature of Google+ and you should definitely check it out.

Interact As a Business

The idea here is to leave reviews of other business as your business page. Doesn’t make sense? As a business owner you might have part in many networking opportunities like your local chamber of commerce, Rotary club or Industry Trade group. In these situations you are working as more your business and less as your personal self.

Google+ Local and Business

Being an SEO service provider, what we are suggesting is not so far from this. With your business page you get to network socially as a business owner or rather as the business itself. Now as you would refer business to other business whom you trust and appreciate, page to page recommendations work precisely the same way.

You might already have done this on Facebook pages. You should know that you can do the same with Google+ to much better.

How Barnacle SEO Reviews Can Work For You

It is usually difficult to optimize your local website, the plus page and other things. You can however build upon pages that already have visibility.  Search Influence‘s Will Scott called this idea Barnacle SEO defining it as attaching yourself to a larger entity so that you can pick up customer from the current.

While Facebook drops conversations below the fold real fast your interactions can get drowned on popular pages really fast. But on Google+ you can get stickier results.

Start off by reviewing friendly businesses first. There are chances that when they find your review when they Google themselves, they might also leave you a good review as well. You can later on jump to leaving reviews for popular businesses from search results and Google recommendations.

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