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April brought with it the blazing sun and sweaty climate. With the hustle-bustle of a new financial year and elevated excitement about new projects and possibilities, the Lets Nurture family was all geared up for the month.

With the temperature in rise, we decided to add a refreshing fun doze to the month. Here is what we did in April!

Tech Event- #AprilAtLetsNurture- 4th April

We marked the beginning of the month with our very own Technology Event and gave it a hash-tag- #AprilAtLetsNurture, for all relevant tweets and updates.

This one-day ceremony (yes, we call it a ceremony; ‘Technology’ is auspicious to us!) saw our brilliant minds tussle against each other. The event spread across tasks related to various technological realms-

  • iOS Apps and Wearables
  • Android Apps and Wearables
  • Design & HTML
  • PHP

How can we, the Lets Nurture family, celebrate without goodies! So, we gave our winners some love- gift packed in shiny wrappers! The winners were:

  • Chitra , Jiten – iOS
  • Deeshit, Kalpesh, Atul Baraiya – PHP

Amongst all this, Rajal, who leads the SEO Team of Jignesh, Pradeep, Prayas, Yashpal, Abhishek, won the most Enthusiastic Team Award.

Google Developers Group- PMO App Event – 18th April

Lets Nurture has been privileged to be a part of the Google Developers Group- Ahmedabad. We have proudly been a participant of the recent GDG Prime Minister’s Office App Event which took place on 18th April, 2015.

GDG PMO App event was an open event organised by Google and supported by GDG Ahmedabad. Mr. Prajyot Mainkar, the Manager at GDG Goa was the honourable speaker at the event.

The idea of the event was to create an app which would be able to pinpoint the issues of the country and help the government address the issues thus found.

The event kicked off with participants from various organisations forming teams and creating ideas for an App for the purpose. Teams focused on wire-framing followed by creating the flow and then working on the app optimization ideas. After a thorough brain storming session with developers from various platforms, all the app ideas were submitted.

In the next one month, these ideas will materialize into Apps which would be reviewed by the Prime Minister’s team. The best one would become the PMO App.

Pratik, Deepak and Sidhraj from the Lets Nurture family actively participated in the event and contributed their inputs and ideas.

Digital Institute of Internet Marketing (DIIM)

DIIM is conceptualised, established and managed by visionary entrepreneurs having years of experience in helping companies establish emphatic online presence for their businesses. Its aim is to make India’s youngsters more employable by capitalizing upon the huge opportunities arising from the ever growing penetration of Internet in India.

It is a one stop shop for all the skills one ought to have to ace the digital market. The current SEO batch consists of Viral, Bhumi, Swati, Manu and Jay who are all from varied fields of work experience.

DIIM, the brainchild of Jaydip Parikh, works in collaboration with Lets Nurture and is an equally important part of the Lets Nurture family. It recently organised a paid workshop on Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) Techniques on 26th April, 2015. This workshop was headed by Jaydip Parikh and Hemang N Rami, who elaborated upon the concepts of Bootstrapping to Advance PPC Techniques to the participants. Neha and Yashpal were few of the participants of the workshop and were amazed to learn the potential that Adwords had.

With the world focusing on Internet Marketing techniques, Google Adwords is the most sought after skill for all digital marketers.

The month long Fun Activity

What do you do when you come back after lunch back to your computer screens? No, we don’t go back to work. We have fun instead.

We came up with a #FunActivity for the entire month where in we played guess games about our Lets Nurture family members for few minutes post lunch hours.

Neha collected confessions, embarrassing/funny stories and secrets from amongst the Lets Nurture family and used them as hints to make people guess the person who is being referred to.

This month long tiny activity got the workplace excited post lunch as everyone eagerly waited for the stories/hints each day. Every body took turns guessing the person while having a great time as well.

This activity sure did make all of us know each other better! 😉

We never lose out on making our people smile.

Our new members

We are growing into a stronger family. Our latest members are Gopal who joined as an iOS Team/Game developer and Mrunal who also joined the iOS team. We are also looking to expand department wise. We are recruiting Business Analysts and senior profiles in iOS, PHP and Design.

If you too want to be a part of our wonderful family, you can shoot us an e-mail at


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