Apple’s iOS8 HealthKit: An Effective Tool to Provide Dynamic Health Management


Jun. 14

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It is becoming a huge requirement to have a single App to manage various Health related data of the user. Currently an iPhone user is loaded with various Diet Apps and Fitness Apps which store the data through exercise trackers & wearables. Apple’s Health App & the HealthKit API is the answer to growing requirement of Healthcare segment of the Mobile App development. The market is set to boom for the health and fitness app development projects.

Apple’s Health App will work as a Central Unit fetching data from various health & fitness Apps. The HealthKit API will make the data exchange possible between various Apps once the developers of the existing Apps integrate support. However, how exactly is Apple calling the implementation of the HealthKit API life-changing?

HealthKit API for Health and Fitness App Development

Let’s have a close look at the life of an average user with an iOS device, equipped with Health & Fitness Apps. Post the morning exercise, the exercise tracker App will have the exact data on calories burnt, blood pressure, etc. Availability of this data to the diet App, allows the developers have robust presentation of the Diet Program based on distinct use cases. The result – iPhone will operate as personal dietician.

Furthermore, the data over a period (let’s say a month), will provide entire life-cycle of user’s diet & fitness. And that can easily be shared with the Physician or a Fitness Trainer. The Health App will provide a solution to the user having to visit multiple Apps. The overall implementation comes with similar concept as PassBook – loyalty cards, flight boarding passes & coupons – all in one place.

Apple’s Aim

At a broader level, Apple’s aim to provide a single App for all purposes and inter-App data exchange will certainly provide an applied pool of information to the App developers. There are speculations that Apple has suggested lesser insurance premium (US only) to the health-savvy users by sharing the Health data with the Insurance companies. And all of these mind-boggling features with a user centric approach of access to data after mandatory user permission.

Therefore Extensibility & HealthKit – together will allow Third-Party App developers to design a Dynamic Health Management Tool. The team of iOS application development can expect huge chunk of work for extensions development for hardware gadgets to support HealthKit implementations. And creative developers can choose to develop their own Third-Party App using HealthKit providing an ultimate tool to the iPhone user.

Health and Fitness App Solutions by LetsNurture

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