Apple Watch Ameliorate Healthcare Industry Through Medical Apps Integration


Apr. 15

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Over a million units pre-orders collection in a single day of Apple Watch, it is for sure that Apple will take benefit of the Apple watch in spreading awareness as giving utility to the people. By supporting this thought, A few healthcare organization have reportedly declared that Heath applications regarding users are set to sail for the Apple Watch that will consider features like consulting a doctor on an iPhone and reminding users of their daily medication and many other extraordinary helpful aspects.

Health Organizations will enter the Apple Watch app market

There are lot of healthcare companies have announced new health apps for the Apple Watch, able to handling tasks like medication reminders and sharing electronic records etc. Have a look at some of the companies innovative ideas:

WebMD iPhone Application

This company has announced that they are working on its iPhone app to add Medication Reminder function which is one of the greatest features in terms of medical plan. This function will reminds patients of their daily medical dosage as informed by the doctor by giving notification like images of the medication, the amount to take, and when to take it along with 15-minute snooze button. Isn’t it great?

HealthTap App

“DocNow App”, a health related application made by HealthTap is also willing to enter the Apple Watch app market which will be allowing users to initiate one-on-one conversations with a doctor 24/7, by paying $2.99 per minute consultancy.

Medisafe Application

Medisafe, one of the leading global medication management platform with over 1.5 million mobile users, announced its forthcoming app for Apple Watch. It will be one of the first app which is available to customers starting April 24.

By adding “Force Touch” feature, it will allow users respond quickly to updates , notification as medications as “taken” and engage in related healthcare content and resources currently available on the iPhone app. Users can easily view medication dosages and scheduled reminders with the help of “Glance” feature.

Lets Nurture

By developing successful 3 health relates apps, “Blood Monk”, “Vaccination Reminder” and “Vitness Health App”, Lets Nurture has set a mark on iPhone app market. Now We are also looking forward to show some creativity by adding out-of-the-way features in our iPhone apps. Here is the overview of the features which will be included in the app:

Blood Monk App

Blood Monk is blood donor iPhone application, we make sure to sent and get instant notification of all registered members on App about blood necessity and can share direct to their social media a/c through Apple Watch for needy people and can fulfill blood requirement in less amount of time.

Vaccination Reminder App

For Vaccination Reminder, We will add feature for Vaccination date reminder on Watch on schedules time and have ability to share it to their partner or relatives. Also receive a notification before the due vaccine date etc.

Vitness Health App

In Vitness Health App, are planning to include features which shows Heart Rate Variability on Apple Watch as well as Heart Rate Monitor that alerts you during your workouts.
As per the rumors, All of these healthcare applications will be available for us as soon as they get hold of the Apple Watch. So it is best to use these kind of applications to create a healthy society. We are very thankful to the iPhone app developers who have given us best ways to keep healthy society in terms of technology.

Whether you have these kind of innovative ideas for your Heath related app or would love to develop, contact to the well-known iPhone Developers at your earliest.


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