Apple Pay changes the mobile payment Perception


Nov. 16

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From a decade the trends of money have swapped. With the evolution of virtual money and plastic money, the usage of real money is lesser. There are numerous apps like Paytm, mpesa and many other developed by banks and financial institutes to help the users to pay their bills, fees, buy a ticket or do online shopping faster through the virtual money.

Virtual money payment is possible only through the integration of payment gateway in the app or web solution. The payment gateway is the simple platform to securely collect the payments from a user on behalf of the online stores. Initially, it was only implemented for e-commerce websites and applications, but now many solutions use this paradigm.

In 2015, Apple too came up with the launch of Apple Pay which shone the limelight on the concept of Digital wallet.

What is Apple pay?

Apple pay is a simple way to pay through the smartphones and smartwatches without swiping your physical cards. With apple pay, it’s easy to pay securely in stores, in the apps and web too. Digital wallet, the concept on which the apple pay is based on, means to store all your money in your virtual pocket i.e. mobile phones.

With this update, customers, as well as merchants both, are in profit. With demonization of any currency, the digital wallet never gets affected. The misconception regarding unsafe plastic money has eradicated with the launch of Apple Pay.

How is Apple Pay better for your users?

  • It gives the users a quicker alternative to fill out credit and debit card forms of payment.
  • No need to carry cards and wallet all the way. Detail once entered can be stored forever and payment can be done anywhere with it.
  • With Apple’s native Touch ID, it helps to boost the security of the users.
  • It gives greater privacy
  • The most important part is there are no extra charges for retailers to use this medium of payment.
  • It ensures a greater reach to millions of iOS users across the world.
  • Apple pay works seamlessly with contactless terminal and the traditional payment terminal.
  • Also, Apple pay is the quicker, easier and safer way for payment.

What are you lingering for?

Out of 2.4 million apps on iTunes, around 150 thousand are using some platform for payment gateway which will soon start using Apple pay. Airbnb, Walmart, Bestbuy, Target and Wayfair are few names which already upgraded their payment gateway with Apple Payment.

If you are having an application for iPhone or iPad or also website that uses a payment gateway, integrate it with the Apple payment right away. LetsNurture is working on the updates of iOS10 in its various app solutions. Let’s connect to integrate your payment gateway based apps or web solutions with Apple pay.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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