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Apple Grants The Access of Touch Id to Third-Party App Developers


Jun. 14

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With the launch of iPhone 5S, Apple has integrated one of their significantly critical patents to provide additional security to the iPhone users. The iPhone 5S, is equipped with Touch ID sensor which allows the users unlock their iPhones and complete the purchases in Apple App Store & iTunes, using their fingerprint. This obviously demand a change in the process of iPhone app development.

Ward off the security issues

Security is becoming a growing issue for the Smartphone users with the amount (& type) of data stored and accessed by using the hand-held devices. However, it is one of the biggest challenges a team of iPhone application development has to face. And the loss of device with lower security features could be an obnoxious experience! However at present, the implementations of Touch ID are been limited to iPhone 5S & to native Apple Apps.

Access to the App developers

At WWDC 2014, amongst various other features, Apple announced the feature of access to Touch ID in iOS8 to the third-party App developers. More significantly, the company is likely to increase their support to Touch ID in other Apple devices too. Therefore, the user won’t have to remember different passwords for different Apps. Moreover, the iOS developers will be able to provide the users with Apps that are way more secure.

Confidentiality Rendered

Another likely feature Touch ID can provide is scanning of the Credit Cards through the iPhone & iPad Camera and fill in the details automatically during the check-out process. The unique functionality of Touch ID never actually reveals any of the details to third-parties. The data remains in the A7’s secure enclave and Apple’s KeyChain assets keep the information sealed.

Impeccable features

The commercial implementations of availability to use the hardware & software features of Touch ID are flawless. The Touch ID features will provide a more secure tool to the m-Commerce industry. While implementing the newly launched APIs such as– HealthKit and HomeKit, the information sharing & access to the Apps can be managed by Touch ID.

LetsNurture Providing iOS App Development Solutions

We, at LetsNurture, have a strong portfolio of iOS app development projects. As the Beacon technology is still in the testing phase with major providers (WalMart, Virgin Atlantic – to name a few), we have already completed a project delivering an App to support the technology. We also provide an option to hire Dedicated iOS developers from our company for your projects.

Our team of iOS app development and analysts are excited with the iterations to iOS8 and are looking forward to provide futuristic Apps. Write to us to understand the scope of your project! For more you can contact us at +919374444800.


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