An App to digitize the Garages and Auto Service Centers


Dec. 16

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According to the Green Car report, 1.2 Billion vehicles are on world’s roads now, making 2 billion by 2035. With these many vehicles to maintain, the service stations have to record the data in the service books. In 21st century when everything is going online, auto service centers are no exception. From understanding the defects in a vehicle to recording the details, everything would be digitized into an app. An auto service center app will be a boon in this far paced automotive industry growth.

Why digitization is required for Auto service centers and garages

  • With the brisk growth in automotive industry, the maintenance of vehicles would be an issue to be addressed on a regular basis.
  • Auto service centers and garages will be required to be up-to-date with the vehicle’s data for a quality service.
  • Timely delivery of the vehicle given for service would be a challenge due to a number of vehicles increasing day by day.
  • A booklet based data recording will cause hassle with storing humongous data.
  • Too much of earth’s plantation would be affected to provide a paper-based solution for recording the data.

How will an app assist garages and auto service centers

There are multiple benefits of implanting a single mobile app for your solutions:

  • An automotive workshop can create and share an electronic (service) worksheet, that can be saved and printed locally from the device as well as collecting the customer details, and key data including VRM (registration mark) and mileage. This will help the service centers to easily access the data when required.
  • The service centers can account key information while working on the car simultaneously. They can share the ‘service report’ along with the bill with the customers to keep them updated. This will not only help in customer satisfaction but will also help the garages build a happy clientele.
  • The app can enable the service stations to digitally record the vehicle maintenance data for future reference. This saves a lot of time while diagnosing the vehicle in future.
  • Service centers can be aided with API for license plate lookup to populate vehicle details. This will make the task of remote diagnosis hassle-free.
  • With a single app, the car owners will be able to see the service record of their vehicles.
  • The users can also be provided with the location of nearby garages, service centers and gas stations based on GPS.

Want a bonus? With the iOS maps extension, now you can add a feature of ‘book a ride’ by using Uber API. This additional feature enables you to provide your users an out-of-app action which means the users can utilize your app’s features by iMap.

What LetsNurture can help with?

A well-versed team of developers at LetsNurture has developed a website along with Android and iOS app called KarConnect. It is a connected platform for the vehicle owners and service centers. The app uses GPS to locate nearby service centers when a fault code is generated in a vehicle. If you are looking for a similar solution to LetsNurture team can cater your requirements. Drop us an email at


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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