Animal Book App for Windows Phones for Children to Improve their Knowledge


May. 15

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General information is an important part of knowledge and this is associated with learning and knowing. In this aggressive world having general information is essential for every one of us. These days’ children have a ton to study in school and the scholarly workload has just about made them stay far from enhancing their general information. Application can help your kid enhance his general information.

Lets Nurture has developed successful series of educational apps for kids which helps kids to enhance their skills and improve their knowledge rapidly. Animal book is one of the best applications among to them.

Animal Book App for kids

Animal Book is a free educational application that helps your kids to find out about animals and remember them by vocals. In test segment, your children get an opportunity to perceive bounteous animals.
Additionally in this, your children can also affirm their names precisely! Presently give us a chance to have a perspective of some charming features of the Animal Book application:


  • Open Gallery to think about all animals
  • Identify animals by their sounds
  • Quiz segment to enhance your child’s learning
  • Sound for right replies
  • Slide show to picture animals in point of interest
  • Real truths about animals
  • List of creatures: Bear, Camel, Deer, Fox, Giraffe, Horse, Leopard, python and some more
  • Pronunciation of animals
  • Tablet compatible UI and simple to utilize

Extravagant your opportunities to make your children think about distinctive types of animals. Astonishing application design makes this application more alluring and children will like the movements.

It is one of the best animal application in the play store!


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