Our Android Apps – Animal Book and Mantra Join 10k Club


Feb. 13

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This month has been one of milestones lately. This month we have two of our Android apps who have reached over 10,000 downloads. Our Android Apps Animal Book and Mantra have both reached the giant milestone marker of 10,000 unique installations across a number of android devices.  That is right we are going to roll out the revelry today.

Animal Book – Android app for children

animal book android app

With Animal Book app you can keep the toddlers and children under age 7 entertained with beautiful illustrations on various fauna of the animal kingdom. Along with this they can learn to pronounce the names of various animals with perfect diction helping children learn everything perfectly at an age when they can grasp everything much faster. It is no wonder that animal book has been so successful. You can make sure every time your child holds your device there is going to be significant mental development in them.

Mantra – Android app for spiritual ones

mantra android application

Mantra is a one-of-its-kind Android app on the play store and one that is useful in every Indian household for daily litany. It allows you to program a number of japs or repetitions of mantras for assisted recitals for those people who usually lose count during japs or want to program their android devices to do the japs for them when they are not able to do it or are otherwise engaged. Mantra App comes preloaded with 18 mantras and can also make japs of your mp3 files as well. This is something that has come of use to many people.

Both applications have provided great utility to people and they have spoken with their adulations and set these Android apps as the most downloaded yet by LetsNurture. Android application development team will always keep trying to develop applications that will make your lives a tad easier because we know even the smallest effort can create great relief. We would like to thank you for your support.

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