Ahmedabad BRTS is a showcase Project in UN Momentum for Change Program


Nov. 12

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Ahmedabada city where Lets Nurture is perating, now on a world map with its BRTS ( Bus Rapid Transist System) Project .  BRTS ( Janmarg) is going to be a showcase project in UN’s momentum for change program. Janmarg will be only Project from India to be showcased in this event.This is a great news for Ahmedabad and India that BRTS is going to light up India’s name on international platform.

Janmarg will be a Lighthouse Project as a part of the Momentum for Change Initiative, which was launched by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the 2011 Durban round of UN climate change negotiations. The Light House projects recognize the actions and progress, indicating a positive environment, transforming an impression of slow progress.

What is BRTS?

BRTS (BUS Rapid transist System) designed and implemented in Ahmedabad for better public transport by Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB). BRTS ( Janmarg) is Providing quick, comfortable and affordable transport to the people of Ahmedabad . During this project many people has criticized that Ahmedabad or Gujarat do not have proper infrastructure to make this kind of project as a huge success. But strong efforts by Ahmedabadians has proved that we can do wonders. Thanks to Gujarat Government and Ahmedabad Municipal corporation for taking this strong initiatives and making Ahmedabad a great place to live in .BRTS-Ahmedabad-Letsnurture

Reference Links for UN Website

Video about BRTS via Chief Minister Narendra Modi Youtube Channel




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